And you will answer definitely not. But there are people who like them on a Facebook account or repost on a Twitter account. This is how such posts reach you via a chain of liking by many people. That list of people also includes many from your friends list on Facebook or Twitter.


Would you like a Facebook post that lures or warns you against not liking
Would you like a Facebook post that lures or warns you against not liking

Your Facebook friends liked the post, and by the virtue of Facebook mechanism, it appeared on your Facebook timeline and then you fell into a dilemma whether to dare to ignore or go by the flow and like it to keep it safe.
If you see it actually, it is a disease that is spreading no confidence syndrome across visitors. These are depressive posts that must be blocked in favor of good social networking. You must have heard of people falling in depression over some posts on Facebook or other social networking sites. And such posts should be blamed for that. You come across a post that asks you to like the page else you will face dire consequences. You obviously ignore that once. But if coincidently something bad happens to you that – even if your car’s tyre got flat midway, you begin to believe that the curse of not liking the page caused this. This is human nature that we naturally see or observe bad things first no matter how much positive we are.

As a result of this, next time you will like the page to follow the fear of your brain and you will go against your conscience. What these people (who post silly things on Facebook) actually want is a number of likes or visits to their Facebook pages. That gives them some sort of fame and a false satisfaction that their idea is subscribed by so many people and their page is so popular because they have thousands of like on the Facebook. But these statistics are actually no worse than those numbers that are bought by services. Yes, there exist so many services across the web that will give you thousands of Facebook likes or Google recommendations, or Twitter followers in few dollars.

Most of these posts create a depressive environment on public and social hangout places like Facebook or Twitter. Such negativity prevails and sometimes become the part of the nature of the people who come across them. They start finding ways to go that extra mile on the route of blind-faith to live their normal life. And that creates a big chaos in lives for sure.

Many of these posts that are tagged with negative clauses contain good material or nice media. Even if the warning or luring tag was not there, many would have shared, liked, or reposted them on their Facebook timeline or Twitter box but that way, only people who really liked the post could have been accumulated. And the people who shared in a fear or a false hope would have not been there.

The one who posted achieved their motive. Thousands of Facebook Likes or Facebook retweet is there to flaunt but the kind of negativity that was spread, the smoke that left many with fear of mishaps has left many depressed.

I don’t need to reiterate that the world needs love, peace, and positive people. Only positive people who are good at heart and spread great messages and share useful stuff can make a difference to lives. Facebook or Twitter is great and free media services to be used to spread light of happiness. Let’s first ensure we are not reposting any such negative post or media and then write Unlike as a comment to tell the person who posted it that it was not accepted because of that clause or tag.

It’s our world and only we have to make it useful and a happy place to live.