This is my first ever post on World Music Day. Today also is the longest Day of the year (June 21)and both these things make me feel cry as its a week day and I’m stuck at work in office. What I believed would have been a perfect music day if I could be home and was listening to some awesome poetic Gazals that not only entertain but carry some messages and senses. Anyways, having lost Indian music legends like Jagjeet Singh, Qaifi Aazmi, Bhupendra
Hazarika, and Mehndi Hasan saahab, I do not foresee the future of Gazal anywhere.

Lets celebrate Music
Lets celebrate Music
Music today means some high pitch drum beats with loud chorus at the backdrop and a singer who sings higher notes even higher to prove their classical mettle. Lyrics are mixed. They (read song makers) try to touch real life terms and then in the endeavor at time lose the track. Music is symetric and follows rhythm but lyrics fail to make sense, many a times! But good side is that lyrics today make an outside attempt to try and touch the base of life.

Anyways, the


has become more pervasive and easy to afford. When I was in my teen age, we used to buy audio cassettes for each album. I have a collection of about 400 such cassettes. Then came to era of compact discs. You got the clarity of voice. Then MP3 revolutionized the way we hear music altogether. One disc and 120+ songs. Play once and listen for hours without any need to touch the player. And players became smaller and
powerful. I had bought bulky speakers for powerful sound and soon after I saw small speakers with equally powerful sound quality.

Today in the age when we are celebrating a special day for music, we are having small phones that can store hundreds of songs and at a tap on screen. A new rather powerful technology called Blue Ray is all set to make way to market and then to our homes.

Technology has evolved but music is same. It still is meant to appease your senses. I do not get chance to listen to much music these days. At most I
would listen to some peppy numbers of FM while driving to office but do not get enough time back home to sit and listen to the music lying on couch with a bowl of hot noodles.

I miss those days of music really but life has to go on. And I am glad that in the race to become modern with the West world, we did not stop making music. Our movies still look good with songs. Still songs are first released in promos and they reflect the story of movie. So even if you are listening to a Hindi movie promo, you can get an idea about the kind of movie it will be.

Another astonishing thing that I had never hoped for is the revival of FM radio. Yes, the radio was about to pack bags to get buried in history books not too far ago. But suddenly, some changes made it revived. Today we have 7-8 FM stations on an average and the difference between the radio we had two decades ago and now is the RJs. Yes, they talk rubbish, funny, cool, and make you feel easy and happy. They have a lively voice that enthralls the audiences. In a chilly afternoon while you are struggling with the bad traffic on the way to a meeting, the scintillating sweet voice of an RJ does no less wonder than a bucket full of cold water poured on you. This is magic of


. Because that sweet voice also is a kind of music.

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