by Prashant Shrivastava

Finally the winter is here! So the time has come to put on those heavy wears, eat loaded food, and take sun bath. This and more and lot more is there at offer as the weather turns colder and mercury dips down. Udaipur already is a city surrounded by Lakes and Gardens and the mountains that keep the ambiance cooler than rest of the state through the day and night.

Winter is here!
Winter is here, Finally!
Said that it also attracts tourists who love to spend time in city as the winter here is bearable. Unlike many other parts of the world, wintry weather here does not pinch or irritate you. Instead, the more cold it is on a given day the more you will love the sun light. So spending time on your favourite hang out point just needs adequate exposure to sunlight and you can spend hours.

Still far from the typical metro’s apartment culture, city has mostly independent houses and people get enough sunlight that not only keeps the house warm but also allows them to flock to roofs and enjoy the sun bathing. As a trend and more to taste, the papad of makki and other grains are made at home, especially where at least one lady is a housewife.

Many places you will notice that several ladies from neighborhood throng to one’s house collectively prepare the papad, dry them on roof and take away the share. All day long association with each other helps them pass the day and by the evening they have their jars full for the season.

Wintry clothes, quits, and blankets also need a good exposure to sunlight that not only keeps them warm but also help get rid of any smell that comes upon these beddings while they are kept for over 8 months.

Children also love to carry out their home work and assignments on roof amid the cozy atmosphere.

How to make most of winter?

  • You can leave you house locked from inside and flock to roof for a fun filled day. And if you are a tea or coffee lover, don’t forget to store some extra stuff in thermos and keep it with you. A water jug world also is handy and useful. Overall, the crux is that ensure you do not need to go down unless it’s very urgent.
  • If you are an office bearer, ensure you get enough exposure to sun light. You can take your coffee to office terrace or even schedule a casual meeting where there is sun light.
  • Ensure taking nutritious food that is healthy but does not let you put on weight. Normally people pay attention towards excessive eating as the food gets digested easily but that also means that you follow up a regular exercise routine
    Keep medicines for cough and cold handy with you. Carry it in your car, purse, and ensure its there in house at a reachable place. Also make sure that all medicines are tested and trusted and are far from expiry date. Do not take advice from friends on any ailment, better see a doctor.
  • If you have been thinking to join a gym, the time is now. You can work out harder for better and faster results without exhausting early. So at least take a walk, do some simple stretching at home if visiting a local fitness center seems impossible.

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