After the explosion of mobile phone usage, the internet is the fastest vertical of IT industry that has grown out of nowhere. The speed has been unstoppable and the results have been absolutely surprising. The number of internet users has surged to 2 billion. People may have lack of sanitation and other primary facilities at home, but they are connected to internet. And Udaipur is no exception.

Where's Udaipur Online
It's high time Udaipur goes online.
Places like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Delhi already are under the influence of internet heavily. And State cities like Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Udaipur have responded well to the new virtual world, but still the real use of internet is yet to be explored.

“If you talk about internet, even youngsters only know about Facebook and Google. Very few understand that internet is an ocean of information and one could learn so much. Not just about learning but the technologies over internet can be so useful in business as well,” says MD of Avid Web Solutions in Udaipur, Nishant Shrivastava.

Even being an Udaipur based web Development Company, Avid Web solutions gets its business mostly from foreign countries, especially those overseas. Those involved in marketing of internet business in Udaipur see that people still rely upon print advertisements, pamphlets, and wall graffiti etc are main places to display an advertisement. These modes are not just old but also come with lot of restrictions. Newspaper advertisement for example will last for a day and is useful only if the reader read that page. That means the ad must be big enough to attract the reader’s eye. And bigger the size more will be the price.

Pamphlets are easily ignored by readers. Actually they are used by local fast food sellers to serve their dishes to eaters. And as far as wall graffiti is concerned, it only looks until the colors are fresh. But soon the colors fade away and it starts looking awful. Naughty kids even modify the advertisement to give them horrible look.

Few business people go a step further and advertise on air via Radio – FM. But again that is limited to your city territories. And it’s not necessary that those who listen to your advertisement pay heed to it.

So what’s next Udaipur? Or should I say what’s the better option of advertisement in Udaipur. Option and solution is right here – in front of your eyes. You can see aside this text to find some advertisements. But how advertisement on a web page is useful?

Well simply put, the webpage is accessed throughout the day for it contains dynamic contents. The top news of this hour will be replaced with a new one soon. But the advertisement will remain there for a longer period. And one news or article will be read by many unlike a newspaper which is a personalized entity.
With advertising options like Google Ad Word, you can target your ad viewers. So if you sale job consultancy services, through Google Ad word, your ad will mostly be seen by job seekers. This is called contextual advertisement which is a Google algorithm.

Benefits of online advertising are lesser known entity here in Rajasthan at large let alone Jaipur or Udaipur. Most of the business concerns are still run over traditional methods. Few use Tally and that’s all. The Tally software is the beginning and end of the computer technology. At most a company will have a website which was developed ages ago but never refurbished or updated.

It’s not just the need to walk with the pace of the world but people of Rajasthan, especially those cities that can attract foreign business or tourism like Udaipur, Jaisalmer, and Jaipur must go online. The government that spends millions on tourism must ensure that city is available online for tourists to know more about the city.

A bunch of websites have content but that hardly is appropriate and updated. If a tourist sitting in Florida gets to know the amazing stories about the city, they will come for sure. And one tourist brings not just foreign currency but also takes back monuments in form of memories. These memories when shared bring more people. And this becomes a nuclear reaction.

So it’s now imperative to go online. Unless it is done, be it Jaipur, Jodhpur, or Udaipur, development will remain a distant dream.