What fashion culture you subscribe to is a silly and irrelevant question, really!
“I do not like jeans at all. I hardly have one or two in my wardrobe. Simply because they are so monotonous. In ages, the style of jeans has not changed. Instead I like Salwar suit,” tells Pooja.

In the age of hot outfits, why would an urban girl endorse a simple fashion? Parul has a plain reason for this “Versatility. See you can get it fit, loose, semi fit, sleeveless and what not? Can you do a single alteration to a jeans top set?, no !”

True, but can you defeat a trend that has been there for decades and despite its monotonous design, has not become stale? “Not really!,” says an avid proponent of jeans and top. “It’s easy to maintain and carry. You do not need to worry about wrinkles – the more rough the more fashionable.

As far as fashion in Udaipur is concerned, its not bad to admit that the city has been a bit slower. And for good too. Girls in mini skirts or shorter blouse do not look sweet for too long. And in the name of fashion when the hot and sexy outlook that is presented through movies is only good for eyes, for heart the desi indian girl is the best, tested, and trusted. Agrees Shramishtha, “Fashion in Udaipur is more about not being outdated rather than getting advance and shortening clothes size. Practically speaking, in Udaipur in any season, if you step out in short clothes and either you catch cold, find sun tanning, or catch pneumonia. So where’s the room for silly fashion.”

So what exactly is fashion trends in Udaipur? What kind of outfit is trending? – Suit and Jeans, provided they are covering you properly. You can choose tailoring style, colors, prints to match the current fad. “And that’s what we happily do. Thats the real and practical fashion for us. So as you dress up and step out, your family likes you, outside your neighbours adore you, and finally friends find you on,” shares Shonali Sinha.

And when the same bubbly girl gets ready to attend a wedding of a friend, see them! They’ll stun you. The quintessential Saree rules. And though its a drape that covers you elegantly, it makes you appear beautiful and sexy both at the same time. All girls out there will agree.

Fashion quotient in Udaipur
Fashion quotient in Udaipur
The true beauty of a girl or lady can be seen when she dresses up in ethnic indian way. Automatically the elegance gets added to her style. The way she talks or carries herself throughout the program would leave you amazed.

“I would admit that until I had seen Priyanka in saree, I had never thought she could be so beautiful. I used to be an admirer of western sexy outfits for girls but my opinion was altered for ever that evening,” says Shekhar Raj.

Enough about girls now. Lets see if boys too remain reserved when it comes to fashion. While I observed too many boys in market, not a single had the famous worn out jeans (with big holes) put on. And even those who wore a jeans with a hole had a cloth affixed on the other side – no skin show!

A short shirt or T-shirt with a printed quote makes it fine for a college boy to look cool. Low waist jeans came and went like nothing. and even those who tried this, always were found pulling it up!

Brand is a matter of concern here for sure. So people would have fewer clothes but all branded. Sumeet has a different approach to tackle the brand virus as he puts it, “See, buy few branded and rest non-branded. If someone had once seen you in branded, they will never feel that the one you have put on is not a brand.”

And occasional and celebration wear for boys is always printed Kurta -Pajama or Suit. so we can reach on a conclusion that though Udaipur is fast shifting gearing towards high tech and ultra modern lifestyle, but from heart, it remains the same traditional and simple Udaipur. No silly sexy stuff, it about being beautiful. No hot appearance, it’s about being warm, and so on.

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