It was more than a surprise when the news of VVS Laxman’s retirement came. Especially at the moment when he was selected for the forthcoming domestic series against New Zealand. Laxman has been marvelous in both type of pitches be it of subcontinent or overseas. He along with Rahul Dravid had held the middle order so tight that even if the openers would throw their wicket for trying one day cricket in Test matches, the opponents could never celebrate for they knew that the walls called Dravid and Laxman are yet to come. Dravid was known as wall and Laxman as stylish Hyderabad batsman who had a talent of using his wrist magically like the former Indian captain Mohammed Azharuddeen.

Laxman announces retirement
Any replacement for veteran cricketers?
Laxman always kept a low profile like many other veteran and successful players. And that was evident with his performances. Be it Javagal Srinath, Anil Kumble, Rahul Dravid, and VVS Laxman, these cricketers were professional players who only lived cricket. This is why they were so consistent. I don’t remember if selectors ever had to throw them out of team on the pretext of poor fitness or injuries.

But among these Laxman has been little unlucky as despite all the solid performances and consistency his name always made to the list of those who might be dropped.

Now the elegance of Laxman like of those mentioned above is also evident with the fact that in spite of his cemented place in the team, he called it a day. Laxman was picked for the New Zealand tour starting this month. He was also practicing hard for the season but somewhere I believe he realized that he might not be able to give his hundred percent. And he called it a day.

There have been countless cricketers in our country and many of them had to be pushed out of team but very few I remember took farewell with all due respect. When you call it a day, people should feel sad and have a reason to miss your presence not feel happy and say – finally he’s gone.

This principle also is very much suitable for life. You know your value and you also know the time until your value is valued. So the day you start feeling that you may be useless in some time or may have a degraded value, do step out and look for new avenues of life. A respected retirement is much valued in comparison to the extra money or statistics you might add.

Back to the Laxman’s retirement – the void that the retirement of these veteran cricketers is creating is only getting wider and there has been no replacements so far. We have talent but there has been no time when we had no talent. The question is about doing justice with your talent and making it a formidable attitude. And that’s what we see is missing.

But we can hope and believe that people like Badrinath, Virat Kohli, and Suresh Raina will help the team fulfil the void of Laxman, Dravid, and Ganguly, Amen!

Challenges for MS Doni

  • Replacement of Laxman

    The most daunting challenge for the captain cool will be to find a suitable substitute to VVS Laxman. Laxman used to play test cricket more than the shorter versions. His place and position were cemented and well set in the Indian team.

  • Keeping Laxman connected

    In order to cultivate another Laxman, MS would need Laxman himself to be actively present with the team so that his experiences can be used to bring back India to the top position and fill the widening gap. Srinath, Kumble, Dravid can also be called in to help develop a strong test team

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