The Udaipur

UIT reached at the Gangaur Ghaat of Udaipur which is a main Ghaat of the Lake Pichola of Udaipur with a iron gate. However, their this plan which they thought would be easier turned out to be literally impossible one. The residents, came out in numbers and asked UIT officials to not to install any gate. Installation of the gate will prevent touists from reaching to the Ghaat which will have an adverse affect on tourism and local shopkeepers who earn their living there through these shops.

UIT wanted to close the Tripolia Gate of the world famous Gangaur Ghaat to curb the bathing and washing activities of localites. Apparently, these aforementioned activities by locals and others are leaving the Lake Pichhola filthy. Having faced the protest from locals, the UIT Udaipur officials and workers had to leave the spot. They left the iron gate at spot.