Udaipur is a city known for its natural beauty but recently a show that was based on imaginative theme of Bride and Commandos 2025 brought another form of beauty in the city which the people of Udaipur enjoyed thoroughly. Everyone wants to see what their future will look like. And the parents who have their daughters under the age of 10 could see how their daughters might look when they ti the knot.

In a very unique and unusual theme show, models from Udaipur walked the ramp. The theme was futuristic and was well conceived by the make up artists as well as audiences that remained thrilled having seen a bride of year 2025. With glamorous girls, the handsome audacious commandos were also adorned with a futuristic look. The fusion left everyone thrilled and mesmerized.

Bride and Commando 2025 show held in Udaipur
Bride and Commando 2025 show held in Udaipur

Organized by Hair and Beauty Organization (HBO) in the Alka Hotel of Udaipur, the event unfolded on Sunday, the October 14. When the beautiful models walked the ramp with the theme ‘Bride of 2025’, the future appeared before eyes and the ambiance turned electrifying.

How commandos will look in 2025 - A show held in Udaipur
How commandos will look in 2025 – A show held in Udaipur

This was not just a glittering display of fairer sex in futuristic outfits, the commandos were also adorned to look powerful and audacious through their tattoos and hair cuts. Experts put a thought forward that the enthusiastic hair cut can rejuvenate commandos with fighting spirit.

Krishna Rathore, the convener of the unique Bridal 2025 show said that the artists had been preparing hard for the show and have done really well. Ashok Paliwal the coordinator of the program informed that after Udaipur, the carnival will move to the state capital Jaipur where on January 7, 2013, more than 100 models will walk the ramp and more than 30 celebrities will gather to grace the event. Dr. Sweeti Chhabra and Manju Kumawat were the chief guests of the event while Yogesh Sharma the renowned makeup artist gave a demo on the ways of makeup.

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