Udaipur has only 34 colonies categorized as slum. And this figure can be easily reduced to zero to make the urban living even better. Call it a way to woo the voters for 2014 assembly elections or a way to improve lifestyle, or spruce up the city’s look and feel, the Udaipur has been sanctioned with a budget of over 100 crores to convert these slum colonies into regular residential areas that will match the urban look of the city.

In general Udaipur gets budget to improvise and maintain the tourism monuments and places like Lakes, Gardens, and Palaces. In these all extravagant and somewhat shiny plans, the basic needs of the city get neglected.

And that’s where the common man feels neglected and cheated. Government believes that the work is being done and the common man still faces the wrath of local issues. The plan of slum free Udaipur ostensibly is the one that was much needed. Thousands of Udaipurites will get good housing, water connections, street lights, sewerages, and other rightful amenities which they had been devoid of always.

This good news was revealed by Dr. Girija Vyas who was recently promoted to the cabinet level berth in central. She immediately thought of her city and ensured that this one goes straight to the needy ones. Udaipur has a substantial population of tribal and the city cannot progress until this section is lifted upwards. Slum removal in Udaipur obviously is a poor centric plan but the Mewar needs more plans to ensure that the tribal get connected to the mainstream of the city and country.

Udaipur to be a slum free city but the basic issues too need good attention.
Udaipur to be a slum free city but the basic issues too need good attention.

Dr. Vyas who hails from Udaipur has taken a good initiative provided it meets its destination and people actually get these houses. Unlike many other plans, people suspect that whether it will be implemented or not. But the way housing plans from the state government have turned into reality, this one too looks promising and trustworthy.

Reacting to these announcements, people even ask that why instead of announcing new schemes, the government can’t propel and fuel the pending tasks like Sewerage installation which is leading direct harm to health and ecosystem of Lakes.

However, whatever happens in the direction of sprucing up the Udaipur is welcomed.

The idea of Slum Free Udaipur by Dr Girija Vyas is absolutely ambitious and will improve Udaipur’s image across the world but we still have many problems to be addressed effectively like Parking, encroachment etc. So now since she is a cabinet minister, Udaipur looks towards her with great hope that soon the city will see a makeover and basic issues will get resolved besides adding value to the life.