With mercury soaring above 45 degree Celsius in Udaipur, the life comes to a standstill between the day hours. People reach office on time but stay there until the heat effect is subdued a bit. Air cooling devices are running round the clock and the relief is available right in the room where a cooler or air conditioner is running. You leave the room for five minutes and you return in less than two as the heat in the areas of house where cooling is not affecting is astronomically high and absolutely unbearable.

“I own a shop in the Hiran Magri area and have to keep it open all the time for business. I have no provision of glass doors so even air conditioning does not help,” complains a shopkeeper in Udaipur. People have cancelled their holiday trip if their reservation is in non AC sleeper class. “My ticket of 3 – Tier AC did not confirm and I called the meeting in Jaipur off right away. The heat is simply unbearable,” says Sweta Singh.

Everyone in Udaipur is hoping to see cloud covered sky where Sun is coming down all guns blazing
Everyone in Udaipur is hoping to see cloud covered sky where Sun is coming down all guns blazing

While men have opted for half sleeves shirts and cotton trousers, women too have started wearing the sleeveless at least. Yes, they become victim of eve teasing or mindless staring from plenty of morons; still they know that putting a dress with full sleeves is really difficult.

“Some people look at you with grace while others try and peek into your kurta or through spaces from sleeves. I consider them non-existent and ridicule them as rustic idiots but I will continue to be relaxed and sleeveless as long as I want,” declares an accountant.

Heat Stroke is the most common issue doctors are treating these days across Udaipur. Especially if you use two wheelers or have to travel in shared autos or simply have to walk, you must ensure a proper covering and timely water intake. But yes, consuming extremely cold drink like Sugar Cane juice amid day hours under sharp sunlight is not advised. “You must ensure that you do not surprise your body with extremely cold beverage when it is extremely hot from all sides,” says a doctor in Udaipur.

The temperature in Udaipur is soaring at a record level and leaving lives perturbed totally. If you are so much disturbed with the extreme weather, do think about the speechless creatures like dogs, cats, cows, and birds. “I appeal all the citizens to keep a pot of clean water in their garden, gate pole, or balcony so that thirsty birds can quench their thirst,” concludes Puneet Jain.
There are many water tanks installed outside many temples and homes in Udaipur but many of those only have contaiminated water. Merely buying a cement tank and dumping it at a corner does not help at all, there should be people responsible to clean it at regular intervals and fill it as and when required.
image courtesy of samarttiw / FreeDigitalPhotos.net