So you arrived in Udaipur for a small meeting of an hour, or you came for an exam, or just to see an ailing friend and the next way out of Udaipur is either a bus or train that leaves around 10 in the evening. So you want to explore the city. Now the question is who is the best person to tell you what you can see in a day in Udaipur or what you can afford to miss? So foremost, it’s a crime missing any place in the paradise of Lakes but still your space of time of one day still is enough to see few places. Here’s a list of top spots that you must not miss in Udaipur. Check out!

Fateh Sagar Lake

Udaipur in a day
Udaipur in a day
This is probably the best place to see in Udaipur. Serene Fateh Sagar Lake surrounded by a ring road and a series of undulating mountains around, the scenery is magnificent by any means. As you stand at the railings of the Lake, you see couple of islands in Lake – One is the famous Nehru Garden and other is the Solar Observatory. Nehru Garden is a complete Park in the mid of Lake and as you reach here by boat, you see an amazing view of Park surrounded by water. The Solar observatory is not accessible to general public. It is a government place where only permitted scientists can go. But for your information, the solar observatory is one of the finest places in Asia to study eclipses and other celestial bodies.

Anyways, as you take a round around the Lake, you see many gardens on the other side of road. The best of the lot is Moti Magri. This is developed around a hillock and you can reach on top of it either by using the swirling road or by steps. In both ways you see amazing art of gardening and partial or full bird eye view of the Lake Fateh Sagar. There is also couple of small parks on the way and a museum. As you reach on the top, you see a gigantic status of Chetak horse ridden Maharana Pratap. On the back is the hideout place of Maharana Pratap where is had to hide from the army of Mughal emperor Akbar. This place has been kept sans any modification. So that’s exactly the look it had.

Fountains, telescope, and top view of city makes this place all the more special and unique.

Another wonderful garden that you see around the Fateh Sagar Lake is Rajiv Gandhi Park. Again made on a hillock, this is a masterpiece craft. The difference is that it is spread more horizontally. The peak of the garden has a grand statue of former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

The pattern of lighting is worth looking here. So see if you can come here little late in the evening. There also is a children section downwards on the right.

Doodh Talai

This place again has a set of hot and beautiful tourist spots in Udaipur. The backdrop of Pichhola Lake sets the scene here and you can view that endless Lake from the Paal of the Lake. Like FatehSagar Lake, you see a big island garden. This actually is a palace which has been made hotel – the famous Jag Mandir. The rich and famous come here to get married because of the royal ambience and setup. Procession moves on boats surrounded by floating really lit earthen lamps – Awesome and scintillating.

Sahelion ki Baari

This garden is smaller in area but the beauty it houses is incredible. Sahelion Ki Baari was a private garden for Queen and her friends when it was developed. There is a queen seat on the back side of garden which is made of white and smooth marble stone. After the garden was opened for public, the seat was marked as reserved and it is not accessible to visitors. You can see it from a distance for 3-4 feet but you cannot sit on it.

The fountains of this garden are based on ancient techniques and are amazing to look at. The rear side circular pond that has several elephant statues installed are beautiful. The water is thrown back into the pond from the tusks of these elephants. The pond is full of beautiful Lotus plants and flowers.

Lok Kala Mandal

The most famous thing here is the puppet show. In the age of computer games and TV addictions, children and elders get to see the real puppet show by real people with live traditional musical instruments like dhholak and flute.


One place to see village culture of seven west India states? The answer is Shilpgram. The place is situated in the undulating hills of Aravali. In its very natural and pure setup, the entire area of Shilpgram boasts of huts, shops, artistic shows, and much more. Each of the elements of this place is pure and true to its roots. Setup by real people from the exact state which they represent, Shilpgram houses huts open theater, dance arena etc. Every single thing that you see here is handcrafted using the real material which is actually used in the areas which this setup represents.

Shilpgram remains open for entire year but if you want to see the true colors of India, you must see this place in last ten days of December. A Shilpgram fair is organized every year here by the West Zone cultural Centre in which artisans from all over the country flock to display their art. You can taste the food, see things in making, and even shop souvenirs for your house.