It seems that the monsoon has taken an extension this season and has decided to quench all the thirst of years. Yes, Sunday September 11, it rained heavily and most of the flood gates of reservoirs were left opened. And those were not opened, were broken by the water flow. The extra wood band that are put on Fatehsagar Gate to collect extra water were left wide open due to continue flow in the Lake.

All Gates of Swaroop Sagar are open and even gates of UdaiSagar are opened by 8 feet. The Sisarma River is flowing 6 feet and Ahar is immersed in water as well. From nowhere to ever where, water has made its home in the city. The colonies situated on lower sea level are full with water and it’s flowing like River across all the streets of the city. Such a rain was last experience long ago. Though rains of 2005 had similar situation but I don’t remember if it got the gigantic UdaiSagar full.

Due to heavy downpour and more expected, administration has come on its toes and a Red alert has been declared in city. Rescue teams are inspecting places of sensitivity and are ready to ensure no least damage is done.

Stay in touch with your loved ones in Udaipur or leave your message here. And if you are in Udaipur, take lots of care. Avoid commuting to coastal areas and postpone all picnic plans around and reservoir. It’s really serious situation at the moment.