Udaipur has been an international city for time immemorial. The beauty of the city is unmatched and that attracts the tourists from all countries to Udaipur. The scenic beauty of course is incredible but when Udaipur is seen from other angles, it appears a less developed city where there is plenty of room of improvement. Administration is working no doubt but results are not that evident. To discus about the Udaipur’s development and brainstorm on the master plan for the year 2013, top officials of the city met last week. Lot was discussed and the outcome at least suggests that the real problems are known and what left is the rectification of issues that impede the development.

Participated by Subodh Agrawal, Rajni Dangi, Roop Kumar Khurana, Hariprasad Sharma, and Madhu Mehta, the concern and questions were about how the development should be shaped so that swift and visible changes could be seen.

Udaipur Mater plan 2031 meeting
Udaipur Mater plan 2031 meeting

Divisional commissioner Subodh Agrawal opined that road network of in and around the city must be properly connected. He stressed on the need of wide and linked roads so that traffic can be a seamless thing. Proper roads will also ensure that VIP movements will not affect common people and network.

SP of the city cleared that the land of Police at the Badi road is reserved and will not be transferred to any other department. He said that we will establish the Police line at this place. In consonance with the divisional commissioner, Hariprasad Sharma said that the roads will be required to accommodate five time more vehicles by 2031 and we have to be proactive in that planning.

Subodh Agrawal also said the proposed satellite town should be developed in Vallabh Nagar instead of Gudli. “Gudli already has the industrial setup and the satellite town will be of no use there. Instead the Vallabh Nagar needs development and this plan will help that area,” he added.
On the plan of shifting collectorate and Police line far from city, the SP was not happy at all. “In case of any law and order problem, would the police be called from far end?” he questioned. For collectorate also he argued that a common man needs to visit the offices for many reasons. So instead of shifting entire office, some departments can be moved out of city to make room for multi storey parking places.

MLA Sajjan Katara also said that the present plan has many flaws and it will be modified. Roop Kumar Khurana, the chairman of UIT said that the periphery of Udaipur will be extended to 643 square kilometers which is just 64 kilometers for this. Adding to Khurana, RP Sharma, the secretary of UIT informed that 155 more villages will be included in Udaipur’s range by 2031.

The discussion was attended by the representative of Consultant Company who apprised of the proposed master plan. Many top officials of Nagar Nigam and UIT attended the session including RP Sharma and Pradeep Sangawat of UIT, Satya Narayan Aacharya of Nagar Nigam, Pushpendra Singh Shekhwat the SDM of Girwa, Land acquisition officer Jagmohan Singh, additional SP Kaaluram Rawat, SE Anil Nepalia, traffic deputy Mahendra Singh, and senior City planner Satish Shrimali.