Three much known politicians Amar Singh, Faggan Singh Kulaste and Mahaveer Bhagora have been punished with the judicial custody of 12 days for cash for vote scam and are sent to Tihar central prison. Before few days daughter of DMK Chief and former chief minister of Tamil Nadu Karunanidhi, Kanimozhi was sent to Tihar for 2G scam. In February former telecom minister A Raja was sent to Tihar for 2G Scam 2008. He is been charged with taking the bribe of only 214 million Indian rupees. Rajya Sabha MP Amar Singh is sent to jail for cash for vote scam. Suresh Kalmadi, former president of Indian Olympic association is also sent to Tihar prison for alleged corruption during 2010 Commonwealth Games. Also remember that the only perpetrator of 2008 Mumbai attacks; Ajmal Kasab is also in Tihar central jail waiting for the judgment. So Tihar central jail is becoming the second home for high profile Indian politicians. They are enjoying their life there together with the terrorist. According to a report government has spent 10 million rupees on Ajmal Kasab in one year (don’t forget he is living in a jail not in five star hotel). If we can spend 10 million on a terrorist then what would be the cost of expenditure for our politicians.  They are given all the comforts as if they are living in their homes. They are given TV, fridge, comfortable beds, food of their choices, air conditioner, news paper, magazines etc. According to officials Kanimozhi has given color TV in her cell that has a cable connection with 27 channels (a BPL family cannot afford color TV at their own). So if we are saying that we are paying our taxes timely then why inflation rate is increasing in our country then the answer is simple that money is being used for prisoners.

It is good to see that our judicial system is becoming more powerful these days but is it right to send the lawbreakers to a jail that is actually not a jail????  Is it right to spend a huge amount of money on jailbirds which, in reality should be used for the development of the country???