Thewa Originated under the patronage of then Maharaja Samant Singh of 17th century. Rajasthan is exposing jewelry beautifully with sparkling glitter alluring visitors during on going India International Trade Fair at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi.

This shrouded in complete mystery as to it’s making the artisans of Thewa follow a patriarchal method of practicing the art for fear of divulging family secrets to their daughters and daughtn-laws as a result the legacy is carried forward from father to son only. Now a day’s jewelry made in Thewa Art is attaining popularity amongst artists prepare elaborate setting in gold wire in canetille style enameling minakari on it. This unique art originated in 17th century needs protection as artisans on tips are performing this business.

After the process of patterning sheet of pure gold, the sheet is fused on to colored glass, known as ‘Tharana’ on onwards the silver wires are being framed known as ‘wada’. Finally it is flamed in fire taking the shape of ornament. Earlier only red, blue, green colored precious stones, diamonds, emerald were used in this art but know it is intricate on yellow, black and pink colored precious glasses too.

Thewa art is expanding it scope with passage of time. Earlier it used to in carve folk stories on boxes, plates, dished, now pendants, earrings, ties, brooches, photo frames of this art are also in trend. The executive officer of ‘Jewel Ace'(an institution situated in Jaipur to make popular this art) Shri Jestin warke tells that the credit of popularizing this ‘Thewa Art’ on national international level goes to Rajasthan Pavilion. The new designs of ‘Thewa Art’ have got popularity from here only.

Thewa art (Thewa is a traditional art of fusing 23ct gold with multi colored glass to create a unit) is the world famous Jewellary in Pratapgarh. Thewa art is flourished especially during the Victorian times. Thewa art many-pieces about 250 year old can still be seen in the collection of queen Elizabeth. The Govt. of India had issued a posted stamp in the year 2004 to encourage this unique thewa art. The Thewa art has won 8 national awards since 1966 as well as 8 Rajasthan State awards. Thewa art is a unique craft of international level. The craftsmen have practiced this art for 4 centuries. Thewa art is only practiced at Pratapgarh Distt. In Rajasthan.