If Fatehsagar is the queen of Lakes in the Lake City Udaipur, just imagine what kind of celebration it will bring on when it gets full and even gets over flow. Yes, the moment it overflows becomes the history and people rejoice it like a celebration. If you are not an Udaipurite, it is difficult to fathom what the overflow of Fatehsagar Lake means to the city. Udaipur is an exceptionally beautiful and water rich city in the deserted state of Rajasthan which itself adds to the theory why we call it Incredible India.

Lake Fatehsagar spills over
Lake Fatehsagar spills over

Another fact to be considered as incredible in context with Udaipur is that until mid-August, draught situation was declared in State and Udaipur was inclusive. But suddenly the weather shifted gears to bring a draught in Udaipur to all wet in Udaipur.

Off late, but it rained and then there was no looking back. First of all the Lake Pichhola got full; thanks to Sisarma River that is responsible for this. Lake Pichhola gets its share of water in rain via Sisarma River which is a seasonal River. Once the Lake Pichhola is full to its capacity, the water is diverted to Fatehsagar through an open canal. Pichhola is the same Lake which has the world famous Jag Mandir in its middle as an island hotel. And on the bank, this Lake kisses the world famous City Palace of Udaipur.

Back to Fatehsagar, this Lake gets its share of water from two main sources, one is via the canal from Lake Pichhola other is another open canal from the Madaar which is another natural water reservoir.

This year too these two water sources put a huge amount of water into Fatehsagar and it got full to its capacity which is 13 feet of height. And the Lake was overflowing the afternoon of September 12, 2012. Since overflow event of Fatehsagar is no less than a celebration, the entire city comes to the point to see the water spilling over. The sound of gushing water is added with some scintillating lighting from the administration that makes sure that the event becomes a true festival.

The extra water that flows out of Fatehsagar is put into another open canal that connects to the Ahar River. The Ahar River then flows the water into Lake Udaisagar which is larger than Fatehsagar or Pichhola.

TheUdaipur view of Fatehsagar

Go anywhere, you will nowhere find a cool hangout place that Fatehsagar offers. Come at your own risk because you will fall in love with this awesome Lake