The sacred festival of Eid is marking an end to the month of August today. The festival is beinmg celebrated across the regios w

Eid Festival Udaipur
Eid Festival Udaipur

ith great zeal and fervor. Not to mention that globalization has made all festivals global as well so people who belong to Muslim community and those who don’t, are embracing each other, having sweet delicacies, and sharing wishes over the fabulous day.

The ambiance of the city is already awesome. The famous Fatehsagar has risen above the mark of 6 feet and other picnic spots like Thoor ki Paal and Naandeshwar Mahadev are already in full swing to attract the crowd. After rituals and sharing of pleasantries, people are expected to turn up to these sites where they can enjoy the time, have fun, and eventually thank lord for all the gifts and blessings he has gifted to human kind.

Besides prayer for well being of families and friends, people also take this opportunity to wish for a peaceful life for entire world. The team of TheUdaipur is wishing all its readers a happy Eid and a great time ahead. May we attain all the peace and get rid of all evils.