About 5 kilometers from Gulab Bag garden; a new biological park in the lap of Aravali hills is being constructed. It is expected to be completed by 2011. The present population of carnivores and herbivores will be transferred to the Sajjan Garh Biological Park where they will be provided with natural habitat where they will be able to live a natural life under expert supervision. And they also will be provided with the ideal conditions to perform their biological activities.
The Location where this new Biological park is situated is foothills of Basandhara hills in west of Udaipur. These hills lost their greenery owing to irresponsible harnessing of biological and non-biological resources much beyond the sustainable limits. as per the plan, the area of 141 hectares of land was transferred to Forest department in 1986. And now government is all set to develop a Biological park here in the area of 36 hectare.
Soon after the completion of this Biological Park, the animals and birds marked for new destination will be shifted from Gulabh bagh to Sajjangarh Biological Park.