Come Summer and water woes start to add insult to injury to the already heating ambiance of Udaipur. Quite ironical but true, the Udaipur (read city of Lakes) also faces the water problems. Generally many areas of Udaipur get water supply for an hour and once in two days. And that too at a lowered pressure. This leaves most of the needs unfulfilled of families. Those who can afford and store buy water tankers and others simply cry foul – what else can be done Udaipur?

Much, I bet. And that too on our part.

It’s payback time Udaipur

A kind act in Summer of Udaipur
A kind act in Summer of Udaipur
We know the monster of water scarcity normally raises its ugly head in the months of summer. And even pleasant hill stations go dry and turn heated, Udaipur then still is a city in plain. Mostly the two and half months from April to mid-June are difficult to bear the heat but rest of the months, situation remains under control – almost. So in those months, we do not care about saving the excess amount of water, do we? Not really!

Especially in the months of rain, millions of gallon water drains out on the streets of Udaipur. Dr. Prakash Chandra Jain who is among the dedicated promoters of water harvesting system in Udaipur keeps urging people publically and personally but very few pay heed to him. Generally becasue we do not construct a dam until the rain starts wrecking havic. “You cannot blame nature for being extreme for it also gives you enough opportunity to maintain the balance. You allow excess water to drain away and then complain for water scarcity,” rues the advocate of water conservation.

Beside his famous Water Harvesting campaign, Dr. Jain has also discovered and devised many ways that help saving water which he keeps disclosing in many seminars in and around Udaipur.
And really, it’s not a rocket science to make a difference. All what’s needed is little care and sense of responsibility towards nature and mankind. Keeping water tap closed while brushing or shaving, wiping off dust instead of washing the car or bike, and keeping a tab on leaking connection will itself make a big difference.
“While you go on to waste even a liter of water, just imagine that someone in your own state is about to die due to scarcity of few drops of water, you might feel empathy and you can save that one liter,” says Puneet Jain who conducts various blood donation camps in Udaipur.

Balancing ecosystem of Udaipur

Summer is not just cruel for you. It also wreaks havoc on those speechless animals and birds. You can tell that you are thirsty and look for water around. But those innocent creatures depend on your benevolence, almost. “I keep small pots on the wall of my balcony. Many birds fly in and quench their thirst. It’s so satisfactory I just cannot tell,” says Nazma Hussain.

Agrees Clair Abraham, the founder of Animal Aid Foundation in Udaipur. “During the summer months animals and birds desperately search for clean water but are forced to drink from the polluted sewers. To quench the thirst of cows and dogs alike, people can provide a water trough outside their homes and ensure that it gets filled each day and is cleaned. For puppies, keeping a secure bowl of fresh water safe on the side of the road would save them from drinking out of the water outlets. For the birds, keep a wide bowl of water in a high place that’s in the shade so the water stays cool and is safe from people and traffic so that they feel comfortable not only to drink the water but to bath in it too,” adds Clair.

It’s now or never, Udaipur

There are so many ways and all are so simple to do. And you become a hero in your own eyes having saved hundreds of liters water daily and having quenched thirst of many in just a few drops. We are on a threshold from where either we keep challenging nature and it will turn cruel or we begin to take corrective measures to heal the wounded nature. The decision has to be done now!