Railways budget on one hand unveils dreams of bullet trains, it still lacks the basic infrastructure and privileges. Here are some suggestions that railways could adopt to make life if passengers easier.

Suggestions for better Railways Experience
Suggestions for better Railways Experience

Unmanned crossings – They are life takers. Train driver while doesn’t care, the road drivers too try and outsmart train and cross faster than trains. Even at properly manned crossings, cyclists, pedestrians, and even some two wheeler riders try and cross the gate while it is crossed. The crossing barricade must be made strong enough so that no one can cross it in any ways.

Cameras in Bogies – Each boggy can have a camera that covers the passage of the train.

Privileges for ladies and senior citizens – Reservation system should be smart enough to allocate or reallocate a lower seat to lady or senior citizen. Even if a lower seat has been already allotted to a 30 year old and a senior citizen books and gets the upper seat, the system should be able to shuffle the two. The senior citizen begs for a lower seat and the younger one would not change for the sake of electric socket, should not be the case.

Moreover, until the system comes in place, the TTE should be given power to make forced exchanges when they see a young at lower and old at upper seat.

Electric Sockets – Electric socket should be made available for each seat or berth.
Washroom gates – Washroom gates should be auto locked at soon as the train enters a station premises. This will help keeping the station tracks clean.

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