Abdul Malik - The Kite Hero, UdaipurLake City, Udaipur has plenty of talents and among those one is the international Kite flyer Abdul Malik. He is international kite flyer and has won many awards in kite flying.  He also has made Guinness World Record of flying 500 kites together. Now the main topic here is that Abdul Malik is not well and is suffering from kidney failure. His one kidney is completely failed and second one is working only 15%. The only option left to save his precious life is to transplant kidney.

He has given many contributions to this city and here is the time for all Udaipurites to help him in his bad days. Lake City cannot afford such big loss and we all should help him in all the best possible ways. We, The Udaipur people call each and every Udaipurite to contribute and help the talent.