Seven specialties of people of Udaipur

Seven specialties of people of Udaipur
Seven specialties of people of Udaipur

1. People of Udaipur city are down to earth. They are simple in living and set high standards when hosting guests.

2. People of Udaipur love cars. The ration between population and number of cars is highest in Udaipur when seen in perspective of India.

3. People of Udaipur love cleanliness. You will find most of the people dumping empty chips packet into dump.

4. People of Udaipur are nature lovers. They plant and take care of animals. Each house will have a small garden or pots with beautiful plants. You could well find pets easily. From expensive to street side, people care for animals.

5. People of Udaipur love cricket and volleyball. Children playing cricket in small streets till the dark and youngsters sweating with volleyball under artificial lights in the dark are common scenes here.

6. People of Udaipur love independent houses. There are some multistory building being constructed but the first choice of people still is to buy a plot and then construct the house under family’s supervision.

7. People of Udaipur seldom visit big restaurant chains. Usually they prefer the bread pakora, samosa, kachori, and Poha from the road side sellers. The taste they get is unmatched. Students would flock to Maharana Bhupal Hospital to eat hot Parathaas in the wee hours of night.