Social Networking has been a real boon that has helped people connect to each other in a seamless way. You do not have to find time to write a letter or type an email. You do not have to pay hefty trunk call bills. Also you do not have to send a card to congratulate someone. All you need is a free account on any such website and friends linked to your profile. Said that, it has also brought lot of openness. We share lot about our personal lives and comment about personal lives of others. This is taken differently by those who receive such comments or remarks. Those who know that the social networking is nothing more than a lighter part of life, easily ignore that but those who have made it a part of their lives suffer or get happy based on comments they receive.

Social Networking - The other way round
Social Networking – The other way round
Recently a girl in Jalandhar ended her life over some obscene comments by two boys. Three lives spoiled including the one that ended. This again awarded an opportunity to the opponents of social networking to call for a permanent lock on such websites. And for such incidents are rising each passing day, the voices against the existence of social networking sites cannot be suppressed forever. But the merits of these sites like social communication, stress relieving, fast information sharing cannot be ignored either. So ultimately there is a need to have some control on these sites. After all a freedom without discipline can be hazardous as it was in the case mentioned here.

One important thing to be understood by each and every individual is that nothing in this life is more important than your own life. Because without the life, you cannot make anything worthwhile. So if someone throws bad comments on you, reply them with hard words or simply delete them from your circle. Its you who has to decide who deserves your attention and time. An elephant walks and doesn’t care when dogs bark at him. This is because he does not consider that the dogs deserve his attention. you will have all kind of animals around you besides some real human beings. So make those humans valuable and show that you care but for the animals, do not waste your time.

Despite all, the care has to be exercised on the individual’s part. Avoid sharing any personal information or plan publicly. Instead use Personal Messaging, emails, or phones. Leaving information on text also can be dangerous at times. Keep your social networking walls and pages to share lighter moments, jokes, and information. These are not the places to showcase your love, hatred, or sentiments. People will only make mock of your feelings and then you will get hurt. Or who knows if your comments become a reason for someone to take such a fierce step of giving up life?

Social Networking actually is a right tool to be used in positive and affirmative way. This is a way by Technology to share the burden it wrecks upon the world due to other facilities it provides. So if you are stressed at work due to any reason, you can use a social networking site to read funny stuff, share your learnings, or know what your social circle was doing when you were writing code back in office. simply stated – Use the social networking sparingly. Overuse or exaggeration of anything always is pernicious. Use your brain when the heart goes out of control. Happy Surfing.

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