It rained spirituality. And Udaipur was all drenched. One side there was the master of peace and Art of Living Shri Shri Ravi Shankar visited Udaipur Central Jail, unveiled Bhagwan Parshuram’s Statue in Hiran Magri, and blessed a gigantic audience of fifty thousand in BN College with his words. And it was famous classical dancer Mallika Saarabhai who performed at the Mukta Kaashi Manch at Lok Kala Mandal on the other side.

Shri Shri Ravi Shankar answered many random questions fired by audience in his natural and simple way as he addressed the gathering in the BN College. There was a satsang that was enjoyed by people of all walks of life. Many felt for the first time the magic of Satsang. “It was a matter linked with elderly people hitherto but today I just followed my mom for no reason to the Satsang and felt that it was stronger than a rock show,” says Shreya Mathur, a college student.

For Amita Bhatt, it was a reason to rejoice. She had come home for Holi. And suddenly she sprung up on the news of her favorite and only spiritual Guru’s arrival. “I have attended many programs of Art of Living when I was in Bangalore. I was lucky enough to get intimation on time,” adds Amita.

Prior to this Shri Shri Ravi Shankar met inmates in the Udaipur Central Jail at Udiya Pole. The spiritual Guru called upon the inmates to get into resurrection work after they complete their terms. He termed them as Brothers who could play a stronger role to construct a powerful society because those who have lived in jail have lost fear. And such fear less minds can dare to change the world.

Mallika Sarabhai while addressing pressmen expressed her concern over fast loss of art. She said that the art must be conserved like government endeavors to preserve wild life. She also felt that the reality is returning and we are getting audiences back to theaters.

Mallika had come on the invitation of Department of tourism as the 150th Birth year of Poet Ravindra Nath Tagore is being celebrated.