It’s not easy to beat the summer. The grip of summer is such that it always keeps you down under. Even you spend day in an AC room, in the day when you step out, the hot wind leaves you devastated. In this situation children and college going crowd suffers the most as they have to return in the afternoon. Here are seven ways to chill you in this summer.

Seven ways to cool yourself in summer of Udaipur
Seven ways to cool yourself in summer of Udaipur

Summer in Udaipur

1. Take a shower after 10-15 minutes you step into the house. Similar wait is recommended before you pull out a cold water bottle from fridge.
2. Sip sugarcane juice on the way. Ask the seller to add lemon and mint leaves. Drink a standard medium sized glass. The large size may leave you with dizziness.
3. Wear thin and cotton clothes to ensure your sweat is under control. Avoid using talcum powder for it blocks your sweating glands and your natural way to stay cool gets blocked.
4. Take curd or butter milk regularly with lunch.
5. Avoid too much of mango. It could add to heat in your body.
6. Ensure your room has proper ventilation for cooler to be effective. Else it will add to humidity and you will live in heat despite paying electricity bill of cooler.
7. At the start of the season, get your fans greased and air conditioners serviced.

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you could still bear it. Unlike other cities, the heat doesn’t pinch you