Udaipur is a fast growing city but it still is well connected with its rootes. You will find amazing culture of villages and urban lifestyle at the same place. So Udaipur visit is a must. And here are some advises that will help you have a smooth Udaipur trip.

Seven advices for your Udaipur trip
Seven advices for your Udaipur trip Seven advices for your Udaipur trip

1. Plan internal as well as external itinerary plans. There are amazing places outside Udaipur.
2. Make sure you carry extra water bottles right from the moment you start. You may not get your brand everywhere.
3. Try local delicacies but do not over eat. You might not be able to digest the level of spices or sugar they use.
4. Respect all the temples and rituals people follow. Do not try to make a mock of any custom.
5. Follow all the safety advisories issued by the Udaipur City administration. All instructions would be found in general English as well as in Hindi.
6. Do not try to take pictures of ladies bathing in the river. That is strictly offensive act and you may not be spared even if you are a foreigner.
7. In case of you lose any document or device, do inform cops in time.

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