Prashant Shrivastava
It won’t be overstated if we call the ragging the beginning of criminal attitude in young students who falsely believe that intimidating someone can be impressive.

The menace of Ragging

Ragging is a menace and most importantly a start to students who might slip into George of criminality. There are many laws and regulations to protect students from ragging and creating a fear in those who commit the crime of ragging but they hardly come in to effect as there are very few cases where the strayed seniors are punished. Such a disastrous incident came into light when a junior of Darshan Dental College of Udaipur was assaulted by his seniors. Reportedly, the victim was beaten, assaulted, and was forced to remove is moustaches.

Combating Ragging!
Combating Ragging!
Obviously more than who are real culprits, the victims who carry the rage in their hearts look for revenge and unknowingly forget the very am of their life. “Anyone who gets a punishment for a faulty structure and baseless customs feel be it a girl who is physically assaulted by goons or a junior ragged by seniors is likely to carry the rage in heart. And that’s difficult to remove anytime in life,” says a psychologists.

Like rape, ragging also is hardly reported and most of the cases do not come in to light. In rape case, the victim fears her reputation in society and in ragging the victim fears of dire consequences because ultimately they have to share the same campus for years to come. “My seniors warned me against any complaint to management as they said that they will not let me appear in final exams. I wonder what kind of family background these ragging people come from,” says a first year student on condition of anonymity.

In a moment, the blame for badly raising up goes to parents who stay unaware of any misdeeds their ward is carrying out in educational institute.

Culprits of ragging:

Remember, you only may be successful in spreading a fear by ragging a newcomer but ultimately you earn hatred. Your family values and parent’s parenthood comes on stake. If caught, you might well ruin your entire career. This is certainly a criminal offence.

Victims of ragging:

You may be forced on first encounter but you can inform the management anonymously. If no actions are taken, head to police. Remember, bearing the crime is more serious offence against you. You not only are bearing pains but also encouraging culprits to commit a more serious crime against society. With a cool head work to crush the ragging and play a positive role.