Ra.One – a heroic movie that once again banks upon the villain’s name after Amir khan’s blockbuster Ghajini. One gets a feeling that the title would be based on Hero or some general term used in movie but this one again breaks the law of tradition in Bollywood and for good too. The mega budget movie which is being said as one of the most expensive flicks ever made in the history of Bollywood has reportedly done well at the Box Office as well. Shah rukh Khan’s heroic work and Kareena’s simply sexy looks have given the movie all the masala it needed to run through a major part of Indian audience that loves the traditional style of movies. The part of villain better played by Arjun Rampal remained the key till the end. But the gimmick of Ra.One kidnapping the actress and her Son does not make much sense. The Ra.One must have been a fan of orthodox Indian cinema where Amrish Puri and Shakti Kapoor would kidnap family of Hero to nail him down and come on knees.

The rescue of people at instances is understandable and looked quite acceptable. The computer work has been outstanding. And full marks to the technology. Similar sort of movie called Prince had hit the Cinema sometime ago but no idea what happened to that.

The music has been already a popular. Not just due to Akon’s rendition, I feel that the freshness of track Chhammak chhallo helped it immensely. Other songs looked okay. The placing of the somgs was perfect as well. Most of the songs run through the story which is a new and commendable trend in Bollywood. I have been writing for a long time that songs should not give a break to viewer rather tell a story in fast manner.

The movie is available in theatres in 2D as well as 3D. I chose the latter version in the PVR Cinema in Celebrations mall of Udaipur and wasn’t quite impressed. The script and shots of the movie didn’t have a perfect plot for a 3D movie. However the impression was good for many who haven’t seen many 3D movies.

Akon’s singing was flawless. It never looked as Hindi is not his native language. And this is the reason why such singers gain a wider popularity. No doubt when we learn Bollywood singers’ rendering their voices to different languages across India, they make a good composition.
Overall, the movie is worth watching no matter you go to 2D or 3D, you will love the effects and their sound. No vulgarity or sensuality has been added and that makes it a better family film.

Image Credit: http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photography-3d-film-reel-rimagefree1091170-resi3378709