Ask any grown up person which time they miss the most and most will name their college life. Perhaps, this is why most of the Bollywood flicks that played around the college jottings and life were admired and loved by most of the people.

But if you try and recall a movie which was close to your life in college, you might struggle. You might even fail to name one. Boys in chiseled body shapes, expensive bikes are not common in cities like Udaipur. Similarly girls in short skirts and other sexy outfits never exist, at least in small towns like the city of lakes. So in the end, the movie or story only ends up like a fantasy in your mind but you never get a chance to correlate those incidences with your life.

Now, Udaipur’s Prashant has successfully bridged this gap and has left the faces and looks of characters to your own imagination. In the crowd of old patterned novels across online stores and book shapes, the local boy has written a story that is set in Udaipur and touches the base of reality in most simple way.

Prashant had to receive rejection initially but he ensured that he never gave up. Blackbuck Publication of Delhi finally accepted his novel and published it. Today this novel is available across all major online stores and book shops. Recently Life’s Like That was made available in Kindle edition and is available in US, UK, France, and Australia. And you can also get a copy for Google reader through Play Store of Google.

Elated over the success, Prashant has not stopped and is writing his next novel these days. “I keep googling my name and always feel on cloud nine to find all page one links belonging to me,” concludes the introvert Udaipurite who after studying Hindi medium till 12th standard, made his mark in English.

About the Story:

Life'sLikeThat by Prashant V Shrivastaav
Life’sLikeThat by Prashant V Shrivastaav

Set in beautiful city of Udaipur, the story is absolutely relatable to everyone’s life. The love that was one sided becomes complete only after jealousy factor comes into play. Amit finally finds approval of Preeti, his love. Ishita, the girl that unknowingly helped Amit getting attention of Preeti gets involved with Sankalp. The story moves on with all ups and down of college life.

A Multinational company visits and students fail to impress. Disappointed students start self-preparation to meet the cut throat competition. Love birds of the story ensure they secure good marks in college and simultaneously live their love life. So love and career go hand in hand.

A nicely flowing story takes a turn where an opulent guy Shekhar comes into picture who is not only intelligent and topper but also extremely rich. Unlike fairy tales, the loves starts to take a backseat and money takes the charge. Preeti gets practical and decides to choose money over love.

Do dreams shatter when they meet the hardness of reality? Can waves of love survive having hit by the shore of wealth? Can love still be based on fairy tales where money cannot distract?

Remember, its money that is running the world, love is only a part of life. So what wins and what should win?

Author’s Say

Author Prashant V Shrivastava
Author Prashant V Shrivastava

Released last year in October, the maiden novel by the debutant author Prashant V Shrivastava has now reached Amazon Kindle and Google Reader. You must be wondering what is so special about this book. The answer is its plot setup and the author. Yes, set in your own Udaipur city, this book has been penned by a Software Engineer, Poet, Article Contributor, and now author Prashant V Shrivastava.

“I was raised in Udaipur and learned everything from this soil. I owe special thanks to my parents, family, and teachers so my first novel had to be from Udaipur only,” says Prashant who is busy in writing his next novel. According to Prashant, the fiction he wrote has Udaipur at its base but stories in it are purely imaginary. Basically a romance fiction, Life’s Like That has stories and incidents from Udaipur.

Places like Chai ki Thadi, Fatehsagar Lake Coast find exclusive mention in the story. “I have been to many cities and have lived in some as well but I can bet that no hangout place can match the serenity and excitement that Fatehsagar possesses,” says the author.

Besides this successful book which has given him a title of Published Author, Prashant is a known name in Udaipur as he contributes to the Times of India’s Udaipur Plus edition where he has contributed over 490 articles so far. Prashant writes poetry and tries to rewrite lyrics of popular songs that he loves.

“I’m working on my next novel besides regular things that I do. I keep busy with my daughter and reading besides thinking of scenes and plot for the novel,” sums up the author.

About the Author

Prashant (Prash) is basically a Software Engineer and is working with an MNC.Besides his love for technology, he loves writing. His technical writing is a blend of his technical knowledge and writing skills. This is why he writes in an unconventional manner and still ends up keeping clients happy.

Talking about his non-technical writing, Prashant has been penning articles for Times of India’s Udaipur Plus supplement since August 2007. He’s got over 490 articles published on the front page of the supplement. He’s still going strong with those publications. The count is incremented every Wednesday.

Besides these, Prashant maintains several blogs simultaneously and there’s a special blog for his one year old daughter where he scripts each event of his daughter’s life. This is something unique and inspiring especially in this age where people throw away their girl child.

Before taking his articles, blogs, and this novel seriously, Prashant only knew one kind of writing – Poetry. Prashant loves to rewrite on popular Bollywood tunes. He writes Lyrics, Gazals, Rubaaye, sheir, and Nazm quite well. He already has a fan following who love to wait for his poetry that he publishes on his poetry website

When it comes to giving the credit for all his success, he names his parents and family. His mom Mrs. Sulekha Shrivastava is academic cell officer in Udaipur while Dad Mr. Virendra Shrivastava is veteran journalist. So he got writing in inheritance. Further his mentor Ritu Dutta cultivated him into a better writer.
In family Prashant has parents, a younger brother who runs software company and is married. Nishant takes care of all technical requirements for Prashant so that he (Prashant) can concentrate on writing instead of worrying about websites maintenance.

Prashant tied knot with Shipra in 2010 and now the couple has a daughter.

He considers his one year old daughter Shranjika as a lucky charm for him. After she was born, Prashant is living a new life altogether. From an obedient son to friendly brother, to loving husband, to cool friend to a responsible dad, Prashant has been living his life on a happy path. His wife Shipra deserves equally credit for his success because she kept patience and maintained her love even when Prashant would return home after 9 in the evening, would do his one hour Pooja, and after dinner, would sit in front of his Computer to do his writings. Shipra also sacrificed her job to ensure the family is properly maintained and Prashant remains free of other routine tasks.

He thanks his parents and God for all the happiness.

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