Ask a train passenger’s biggest plight and most will reply the wait they have to endure to see their waitlisted ticket position moving ahead towards RAC and then confirmation. Government still has to devise a plan to ensure that the passenger comes to know about the final status in well advance so that passengers can think of any alternative way to reach the destination. However, a new rule has been released according to which the reservation cancellation penalty will be applicable 48 hours before the scheduled departure of train. This duration was 24 hours till now. People will now have to rush to cancel their tickets in advance to avoid the heavy penalty.

If cancelled 48 hours prior to train scheduled departure, 25% fair will be deducted and 75% will be refunded.
Minimum cancellation penalty for First AC will be 120 rupees, Second AC – 100 rupees, 3AC and CC 90 rupees, Sleeper Non AC – 60 rupees, and second class Non AC – 30 is rupees.

New ticket cancellation rules from Indian Railways
New ticket cancellation rules from Indian Railways

Passengers will be refunded 50% if the ticket is cancelled between 6 hours before the scheduled train departure time and 2 hours after the train actually departed.
These new rules are aimed at confirming the wait listed tickets earlier and faster. Till now, people would remain in wait whether their waitlisted ticket will get confirmed or not. Many a times people hoped that their waitlist status of 2 or 3 will easily get confirmed and it would still remain waitlisted even after the preparation of cart. New rules still won’t help a passenger determining whether their ticket will be confirmed or not but they will have their chances better as people who want to cancel will hurry up to avoid a huge penalty.

New rules will be applicable from July 1, 2013.