In less than an years’ time, we saw the famous Fatehsagar spilling over twice. Nothing can be more enchanting than this. It was between Saturday evening and Sunday morning that the lake started to dance down with great pace and made a much awaited waterfall. The sound and cheers of people around created a great music. This was a treat to eyes and pleasure to ears.

Being weekend, the crowd was enormous. People had come to see the nature’s beauty in abundance and were not disappointed at all. The lighting that administration has put to embellish the view simply added four moons to the water fall.
The gushing water enticed one and all. Thousands of people flocked to the place and witnessed the enigmatic moment and scene. Hundreds of camera lifted their lens shutter and clicked the moment of the year.

Though its been raining regularly, no one look frightened. Most came without the precautions and loved to see the power of water in a drenched scene. Next to this, most probably the Dewas will be done and this scene will be a common one but this time as nature has gifted the water, everyone’s thankful and happy.