Call it anti incumbancy, Modi wave, or people’s anger against the central UPA governement lead by Congress, the state was well wept by the Bhartiya Janta Party. And Mewar division was no exception. Except Bagidora and Jhadol, rest all seats were conquered with good margine by BJP representatives leaving Congress in devastating condition.
In last elections of 2008, congress had 22 seats out of 28 and this year’s swing, the leading and oldest political party of country was bundled out for just 2 seats. Mr. Mahendra Jeet Singh Malviya and Heera lal Daraangi were able to manage some prestige of Congress. Rest congress men were rejected outright by people.

Former state home minister and 5 times MLA Gulab chand Kataria defeated his nearest congress rival Dinesh Shrimali by a heavy margine of 24,605 votes. Kataria after winning said that his utmost priority will be to complete the Dewas III and IV stages to resolve the water woes of the Udaipurites forever.
He also thanked people of Mewar for massive mandate in favor of BJP. Kataria has broken the past record of late CM Mohan Lal Sukhadia by winning the fifth term here.

Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2013 - Pic by Ajit Jain - The Udaipur
Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2013 – Pic by Ajit Jain

Kataria also mentioned the long pending projects like beautification of Ahar river, elevated roads, high court, Udaipur-Ahmedabad guage conversion will be given due priority.

Amrit lal Meena of BJP who contested from the Salumber constituency against Basanti Devi won by record margine of 36,651 votes which is highest in Udaipur district. Basanti Devi is wife of congress MP Raghuveer Singh Meena.

District election officer and district megistrate Ashutosh AT Pednekar released the list of elected MLAs from Udaipur. Out of 8 seats in Udaipur district, 6 went to BJP,1 to congress,and 1 to an independent candidate.

149 – Gogunda was won by Prataplal Bheel of BJP who defeated Mangilal Garasiya by 33,45 votes. Garasiya of congress was minister of sports and labor welfare.

In 150 – Jhadol, Heeralal of congress won by 4,684 votes. He defeated siting MLA Babulal of BJP.

151 – Kherwara’s Nana Lal Ahari of BJP easily made the Congress man Dayaram Parmar bite the dust by 11,166 votes. Parmar was a minister in Gehlot Government holding the higher education portfolio.

In 152 – Udaipur rural constituency, BJP’s Phool Singh Meena, defeated Sajjan Devi Katara of congress by massive margine of 13,764 votes. Mrs. Katara is wife of late Khemraj Katara.

153 – Udaipur was the seat most eyes were on. As pedicted by experts, Gulab Chand Kataria won here. He defeated, a fresh face from congress Dinesh Shrimali by 24,605 votes which tells the popularity Kataria enjoys in Mewar.

154 – Mavli which has given several state level leaders like Shanti Lal Chaplot, Hanuman Prasad Prabhakar, Niranjan Nath Acharya had a fresh face of BJP’s Dalichand Dangi. Dangi defeated sitting MLA from congress Pushkar lal Dangi by a huge margine of 23, 465 votes.

155 – Vallabh Nagar where the BJP’s rebel Randheer Singh Bhinder was contesting as an independent candidate defeated his nerest rival Gajendra Singh Shaktawat of Congress by 13,167 votes.

156 – Salumber, BJP’s Amrit lal defeated congress candidate Basanti by 36, 651 votes.

Campaingn by the election commission to encourage people to excercise their constitutional right was successful up to a large extent. More than 74% voters turned up and made the election successful. The experiment of NOTA (None of the Above) option in the voting option list was also used a lot by people who found no deserving candidate. NOTA also remained a pain point for congress in particular. Out of 8, in 5 constituencies of Udaipur division, NOTA emerged as the third option which means it cut a good number of votes. Experts suggest that Gogunda and Jhadol could have been impacted if NOTA was not there as an option.
BJP will now have atough challenge to face. They must perform as per the expectations and they have only few months to face the public in General elections of 2014. Congress on the other hand need a deep introspection and fix things as early as possible.