You have regular arguments over the trivial and major issues like spending money or saving for a safer future. You hardly agree with her over the make of car to be bought or the design of sofa to be setup in drawing room.

You also feel frustrated when you return home from work after a tiring and hectic day and she wants you to go out shopping. And so on. The same typical wife of yours is observing a day long fast for its Karwa chauth today. She won’t even sip water through the day and still will carry out all the daily routine tasks.

Karwa Chauth
Karwa Chauth

You knew in the morning itself that it is Karwa Chauth today but still your day began as usual, right? She gave you the bed tea, you got ready, she served even breakfast, and you had it and rushed to office as usual.

Even in office you found many ladies in scintillating red sarees and well prepared to celebrate the most awaited and precious festival of the year, you looked at them, loved their looks, and again got back to your computer monitor to setup tasks for the day. You failed to recollect that it is Karwa Chauth and even your wife is toiling hard for you.

If this sounds familiar, you are an idiot. Wake up now, rush to the nearest market and buy her a gift at least. If she is doing such a hard act for your wellbeing and longevity, you can’t even buy her a trivial gift? Now this has nothing to do with the price but try and get her a decent one that she would cherish this Karwa Chauth.

Be on time at home. The moon already has planned to appear late (normally on this day of Karwa Chauth, the moon appears late) and now if even you do the same, it won’t be good. Be nice, be gentle, be on time and reach home with a gift pack. Instead of waiting for the tea in your study room, head to kitchen and make it for yourself. And if possible, avoid tea or anything for a couple of hours.

She has been hungry and tired of waiting for the evening. You at least can skip a tea for her, can’t you? Help her in setting up for Karwa Chauth Pooja rituals. Get her whatever she needs and ensure she gets to smile as even after the hard day she had, she is maintaining that smile for you.

Its not for one regular ritual of Karwa Chauth rather its all for you – it’s only you who is her world. It’s only you to whom she loves immensely but doesn’t get many opportunities to prove. It’s you for whom she had been hungry sans water for past many hours.

So be a sensible hubby this Karwa Chauth. And if you are reading this article in the day time or if it still is sometime before you will leave, give her a surprise call and ask how she has been. Don’t talk much. She is already out of energy but let her know that you are by her side. Show her that you like all these Karwa Chauth rituals and enjoy each step of Pooja with her. You may be of opinion that Karwa Chauth is yet another festival in India but for your wife, there’s only one Karwa Chauth ritual – your safety, health, and longevity.

So ensure you take her emotions in right and supporting way. Avoid any hurry and be patient. It takes time in completing all rituals and then before you think of meal, let her break her day long Karwa Chauth fast. Ensure you come downstairs with her. Carry her Pooja ki thaali and other things with her. Let her settle in and then gradually let her break her fast.

Small acts mean a lot to her. She would smile by heart as you will ask her wellbeing  She will be exhilarated to see you in time and even happier to see a gift in your hand. She will forget all the pain she took in the day. Make her feel special as she is special.

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