Iqbal Sakka once again has proved his mettle with his latest gold and silver metal books. The gold book has been included into the famous Guinness Book of Limca as a smallest golden book of world. This entry has been made to the 2012 edition of unique world records.

Iqbal Sakka hails from the beautiful city of Lakes and had been working on his record object for a while. He received the award from the chief editor of Unique World Records Shabbabi Mangal.

Iqbal Sakka is a World Record holder for his smallest book made of Gold
Iqbal Sakka is a World Record holder for his smallest book made of Gold
Iqbal worked hard to carve this book which is made of gold metal. Dimensions of the book are amazing by all means. It has mere a height of six millimeter, width of four millimeter. With thickness of 3 millimeter, this book has 64 pages. And with all, the gross weight of this book is 500 milligram which is absolutely astonishing.

The content of the book includes Om Sanskrit, Allah in Arabian, Cross from Christian community, and Khanda of Sikh community.
Indeed this is unique achievement and needed lot of concentration and diligence on Sakka’s part which he lved by heart.

TheUdaipur view on record of Iqbal Sakka

Such records are though of personal triumph and matter of individual or a team’s firm determination but it inspires especially to those who give up early and do not believe in their heart’s voice. When People can do a unique thing and earn world attention and fame, why can’t we achieve smaller targets like getting into Board’s merit list or making it to the top ten students’ list etc.
So just for once; compare your goal with that of Sakka and see how tiny and easy if your aim. Go and grab it just like that.