IIMU organizes the leadership initiative
IIMU organizes the leadership initiative

IIMU, ever since its inception has been in news. And all coverage has been for good reason. Continuing their skill development endeavors. This time IIMU’s entrepreneurship cell, Saksham, kicked off its effort to foster a spirit of entrepreneurship by organizing its first flagship event, Ideate – The B-Plan Contest.
The event was organized across two phases. The first phase was held on Nov 16th, as a round of pitching by those who had novel ideas to share. Out of the 11 contestants in this phase, 6 were shortlisted to the second phase through voting by the audience.

The audience was also given an option to mention their interest in working on any idea along with the idea owner. This resulted in the formation of 6 teams, providing even the non-idea-owners a chance to develop a B-Plan.

The teams were then given a week’s time to work on their B-Plans, and these were consequently evaluated by two permanent faculty members of the IIMU. The evaluation was based on financial as well as the marketing angle.

The big one for the teams was the final round on Nov 28th which featured a guest talk session by one of the most well-known names in the start-up industry of India, Mr.Sanjay Anandaram. The final phase also included a round of final presentations by the 6 teams, which were evaluated by the guest speaker.
Mr.Sanjay spoke on the ever-inspiring theme of “the entrepreneurial mind-set”, coloring his speech with the examples of eminent leaders and entrepreneurs. The feedback by the guest speaker provided valuable learning to the teams who had come up with creative ideas, and a well-structured B-Plan given the time constraint.
It was a glad moment for all as they were praised by Sanjay, for the level of enthusiasm expressed by the students and the innovative ideas. The day ended with minds ignited by the entrepreneurial spirit within them. A fresh outlook, newfound hope, and desire to succeed, left a spark of hope in many eyes.