On one hand our elected representatives need a cavalcade of cars to move from one office to other, the director of IIM Udaipur who is nurturng and cultivating best talent in management commutes on a bicycle. Until people knew him by face, they looked at him with astonishment as a gentleman properly dressed commutes on a bicycle to the premiere institute of IIM. In today’s time owing a scooter is very common thing and those who earn least also can afford such vehicles despite the price of fuel getting out of reach.

The core idea of the professor Janat Shah is to help reduce the pollution, bring the congestion on road down, and further inspire the young generation to go green and become a savior of environment. This snapshot of article placed aside in this post was published in the Times of India penned by Prashant V Shrivastava. on Wednesday, July 20, 2011.

Director of IIM Udaipur commutes on bicycle

TheUdaipur view of director of IIM Udaipur’s marvelous act

Profesor Janat Shah is leading by example and this is not like one day road show by some politician, this is a practice that inspires and encourages youngsters to take the first step towards saving the environment and making a useful contribution. Such news do not spread like the other incidents that only add chaos to the masses but we believe that every single act that is for the welfare of society should be appreciated in best possible ways. Great job by the IIM Udaipur director, indeed the IIM is a premiere institute becasue it has leaders who inspire by action not by corruption.

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