Hospitality is very natural phenomena in the city of Lakes. It amounts to great importance to us, still knowing or unknowingly, we script the hospitality picture of the city. It’s not just about plush hotels that are accountable for great services to guests but also about a common man’s behavior to a guest that decides the fate of city’s hospitality. Read on to know what exactly I intend to say.

Amid heating and dry ambiance of the Rajasthan, the city of Lakes is a refreshing name. You name it and you feel a cool breeze kissing you, touching you, and caressing you gently. But does only ambiance make all the difference? Not really.
Ambiance is just another page in nature’s book. Udaipur is Venice of East due to its Lakes, so Jaisalmer is golden beauty due to its endless desert. So ambiance and scenic beauty is merely an aspect people look at Udaipur through. But then we know that magazines line Conde Naste and Travel+Leisure have marked Udaipur as one of the best places to see in the world. So scenic beauty has its significance but if you go and study the criterion upon which the Udaipur earned its glory, the result will be hospitality and that comes from good people.

Hospitality - The Keyword to tourism in Udaipur
Hospitality - The Keyword to tourism in Udaipur

People and Hospitality

Yes, people make or mar the image of a city. Imagine you landed in the city which is alien for you. I mean you’ve come for the first time. You ask a person the way to a hotel in Udaipur and he gets rude and ignores you. You start feeling bad about the entire city. “What kind of people are here. Did I offend him or simply he was rude”, a direct punch on the hospitality image of city.
Same time another person sees you in difficulty and approaches you and shows you the correct way to Hotel. You get impressed. A kiss on the face of Hospitality
So that one person whom a guest meets first is the one who decides the image of city, isn’t that true? Ask yourself.
Not all but few Rikshaw Walas decide their fare after scanning the guest. Once a foreigner told me that an auto driver charged 20 USD for dropping him a hotel which was 5 kilometers from Udaipur City Station. Could you believe that fare? One could reach Jaipur in second AC in Udaipur Gwalior Intercity and still the price of 20USD will not be spent completely.
You may not be aware but most guests, who come from far end of the world pen every single incident, capture every single image of your city and then they share over internet. The hospitality that one person created traveled across the world. And those who are planning to visit Udaipur in near future first read these websites. And based on the review they get, they plan their itineraries.
That one tourist could have benefitted several artists by buying their stuff, several restaurants by eating their food, and many more people directly and indirectly!
That one potential tourist, who read about the cheating done on a tourist earlier, consequently will drop Udaipur from her list of stoppages in India. This is not his loss. The loss is ours. We lost image of the city. We lost a business opportunity. And we lost an income source of foreign currency.
Not just that was a blot on Udaipur’s image but a big blot on Mewar’s culture of Padhaaro Mhaare Des.

So what’s the remedy for better Hospitality?

A general awareness is the need of the hour for sure. But an educative drive is needed especially to the people who directly confront tourists. Like guides, those taxiwalas and autowalas who drop guests from Stations, Airports, and Bus Stands should be made educated. And must have license to carry a guest.
This is just an example but lot more can be done. Many Tourist Help Centers can be set up, Stringent actions be taken against who try and misguide tourists.

Hospitality – the Bottom line

But as usual and again, the onus lies on city dwellers. Let’s gear up and ensure that we will do our best to keep the pretty image of our country intact. And you don’t need to go in a rally for that. Just ensure if you meet someone who needs help, be positive, patient, and show the culture we have.