Come September and tourists begin flocking to Udaipur. This is the time when rain prepares to pack bags for next season and the magic of greenery cast by the rain stays fresh over the scenic beauty of Aravali and around. The Lakes look serene and clean and full if it rained well the outgoing rainy season.

Holiday Special Train between Jaipur and Udaipur from September1
Holiday Special Train between Jaipur and Udaipur from September1

We know that more than sixty percent of population depends or is directly related to the business of tourism. Once tourists have arrived, they will come back time and again. And those who can afford would stay longer than planned.

In such a scenario the most pinching fact remains of Udaipur’s connectivity with rest of the country. The Udaipur Ahmedabad rail way is stalled due to long pending gauge conversion. The Airport has been upgraded to International but still flights do not operate from across the country, and roads are good but reaching here on road from far cities is a cumbersome job.


However, to mitigate the connectivity limitations and improve the in-flow of tourists in Udaipur, the railway has announced a day train that will run from Jaipur at 0645 hrs and will touch Udaipur by 1345 hrs. It will return to Jaipur back in a while at 1415 hrs and will reach Jaipur at 2115 in the evening. The train number while from Jaipur to Udaipur will be 09721 and 09722 while the other way round.

This train was earlier deployed on Jaipur Delhi route and was named as Holiday Special. It carries forward the number and name.

The train is termed as Holiday Special and Railway in their press release has announced its running only for four peak months. So at the moment, this train will only run until December 31, 2012.


But people will hope that it gets extended and is made a permanent transportation medium. It will need to be a profitable venture and it was a popular train between Jaipur and Delhi. It was removed from that track because a Double Decker train is now running on that track at same time.

A similar train 12991 runs from Udaipur at 0615 and reaches Jaipur at 1325 hrs. It returns from Jaipur railway station at 1400 and reaches Udaipur by 2130.

Thus now passengers have two day trains same day from Jaipur and Udaipur at same time. The Khajuraho – Udaipur Superfast is another popular daily train between the two cities that is a daily train. From Jaipur this train (19665) starts at 2230 and reaches Udaipur next morning at 0610 hrs. While from Udaipur it (train 19666) starts at 2220 and reaches Jaipur next morning at 0600 hrs.

So those who prefer day journey can have an option of trains early morning or late after noon. Same is true from Jaipur also. And those who like night journey can opt for the Khajuraho Express.

TheUdaipur view on new train between Jaipur and Udaipur

The night train had lot of pressure and normally ran out of space. As the morning train from Udaipur was introduced, some pressure was relieved and now this Holiday special train will further add to the convenience of passengers. And the burden on Khajuraho superfast will further be eased up.

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