“The ambiance has become moderate enough to play Holi with water. But I’ll prefer dry colors,” says a 10 year old in Udaipur. And why does he think so? “Water is precious. There are many people in our country who do not get a glass of water to drink,” he answers.

Happy Holi from The Udaipur
Happy Holi from The Udaipur
What an idea sirji! A ten year old heard his principal saying the other day and assimilated it by heart like a lesson for the exam. But he is a kid and doesn’t know the difference between saying and doing. And as we are elders, we understand that. We know how to be diplomatic. We understand the value of being politically correct. So we played a Holi with herbal colors a day before at office. That proves we are so nature lovers. And now since we are home, we have all rights to play Holi with water, chemical colors, and pernicious ointments.

That’s not just the Holi’s false spirit but also a newly adorned attitude by many who call themselves intellectual or learned. Today people are smart enough to fabricate their stances in various sizes. Based on situation, they’ll come with a fitting answer. So on the outside look, we are secular, balanced, nature lovers, and back home just reverse of that.

It’s all right to celebrate the annual occasion but not at the cost of life of others. Others to whom you cannot see but they are there somewhere near you. Just like God. You cannot see God but you know somewhere at the border of your ego and false attitude, he’s waiting for you. Just be true to yourself. Ensure the water is preserved – if not for those who are dying thirsty in a distant village of your city save water for your own children who might face a deeper scarcity of water in future.

And do this everywhere you go. Its Holi and you will go to meet your loved ones. Tell them that you want to play a dry Holi. Not because of any stupid campaign on TV, not just because of this article, but because you love those who need water.

If playing Holi with water is fun, it’s too costly man. If this is a trend, it can be changed, and it it’s a shackle, it must be broken. So wake up and put up a great example not just in your family but also in your friend circle.

The Holi difference

Now, you must be thinking how many gallons of water can be saved if we do not play Holi with water? Not much. In fact it will make no real difference!
But you see this is the occasion from where you can incinerate the fire of awareness. Consider Holi a stage from where whatever you do will be seen by many around you. You will just spread a message that if one person could save water on an annual festival, why we can’t save it on regular days.

The Holi Spirit

I’m done. My idea is clear. I’m going to save water by all means right from tomorrow. Wish me luck and I wish the same to you.
Happy dry and joyous Holi!