If Tourism is the main industry and attraction of Udaipur, the Education part is no behind. It all started from a single small Mohan Lal Sukhadia University and the education has grown manifold since then. The city now has five full fledged universities offering a wide variety of education from Engineering to Medical to Management. And two more universities are likely to be approved in near future. Besides this there are numerous private institutions that are imparting high quality education. Says Puneet Jain of College Caliber, “Udaipur has been pretty fast become an education hub. I wonder if still people flock outside for education.”

The recent and prestigious inclusion of IIM has made the Education hub tab more permanent and brighter. The first batch has begun and a gigantic IIM building is all set to get constructed near Baleecha.

Not just the quality of education but the facilities have also gone up scaling the heights of metro cities. Air conditioned class rooms equipped with expensive projectors and highly advanced computers with 24 hours Wi-Fi connectivity are common things across the institutions. The quality of students depends upon quality of teachers and here we have people from big universities and companies helping students understand the real life situation and preparing them to not just get a good job but lead the assignments.

The future for which we used to talk some 5 years ago has arrived and is flourishing. Do you still believe that you need to go anywhere else for better education? I don’t think so.

Prashant Shrivastava