The fervor and fever of Navratri is on. And the younger generation is all set to rock the world with their enthusiasm.

All set to rock!
Udaipur being a neighbor of Ahmedabad is more involved and indulged into Garba festival. Girls ready with traditional dresses have good permission from parents for nine days but until 11 only. They must be back on time. And even for boys, parents have imposed similar time limits. This is so to ensure youngsters feel the pressure of being disciplined besides have fully fledged fun with friends.

Girls are being escorted either by parents or they move out in groups and return same way. “This is good that parents are giving us freedom to have fun but it also is necessary to keep a check,” says Nirupama Sharma, a teenager.

Each place that organizes dandia in Udaipur is monitored by cops. This gives a sense of relief to parents who have to send their kids to distance places to meet their demands of Garba. Th fun mantra for everyone is to make most of these nine days. Unlike earlier, now the action begins right from the word go. “The fun used to go on peak only after 4th or 5th day and by the time we realized how majestic the tine could be, the time would be over. This year we have decided to start the fun from first day only,” says Satyam and his group.

So, don’t wait folks! The time has come and don’t let it slip out without making most of it. Go…Rock On!

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