Today is 31st, certainly the last day of the month. As today is Wednesday hundreds of devotes comes at Bohra Ganesh Temple to worship and get blessings of Lord Ganesha.

The Bohra Ganesh temple is known for blessings to common being. Before marriage or any new work devotes use to come and worship Ganesh ji. It is believed that with his blessings total work is being completed peacefully with harmony and manner. It is also said that no financial crisis appears if one invites Lord Ganesh ji before function or work.

Luckily today is Eid Ul Fitur, day of sacrifice communal harmony. The Muslim brothers and sisters celebrate this day with great joy and enthusiasm. Before a week also they purchase they purchase new cloths, and various types of sweets specially Kheer for this occasion. The Eid Ul Filter celebration is decided on the appearance of the moon. For last two or three years it the first time when the moon appearance is observed on the same day otherwise as I remember it is being celebrated the day after.

Tomorrow two festivals Ganesh Chartuthi and Samvatsary are to be celebrated. The followers of Jain Philosophy apologies for the sin and abusing word during the year. It is believed that by apologizing the person the heart of both get soften. From Samvatsary the Jain Followers do not prepare green vegetables. The festival of Ganesh Chartuthi is being celebrated in Rajasthan with Churma Ka Ladoo. A fair is organized at Bohra Ganesh Temple Where thousands of people inspite of praying the God purchase various domestic items from the fair.  The kids enjoy the fair with roller coaster.