The two day Udaipur International Film Festival (UIFF) will kick start on September 15th and will conclude the next day in Darpan Auditorium of Shilpgram. West Zone Cultural Center of Udaipur will be supporting the international event. This international film festival will be graced by film world personalities like Govind Nihalani, Subhash Kapoor and Jalish Sherwani who will be special guests for the opening ceremony that is slated to take place on September 15th in Udaipur.
During the course of these two days, various feature films, documentaries, animations, and short movies will be screened. The opening movie will be ‘Open Doors’ while last movie to be screened on 16th will be ‘Meherjaan’ which is a Bangladeshi movie.

Udaipur International Film Festival 2012
Udaipur International Film Festival 2012

Besides Darpan auditorium of Shilpgram, some movies will also be shown in the lower ground atrium of Celebration mall. While the duration of screening at Darpan Shilpgram will be from 10 am to 9 pm, in celebration mall timing for two days will be from 2 pm to 8 pm.

The registration process to participate in the festival is absolutely free of cost.

During the festival, the local communities will find an opportunity to see 47 outstanding films from India and other countries of the world including The United States, France, England, South Africa, Germany, India, Iran, Peru, Canada, Australia, Spain, Iraq, Norway, Georgia and Bangladesh etc.

“The commencement of the festival will be done by paying tribute to 3 legendary film personalities, who left us forever in the year 2012. They are Kaka- Rajesh Khanna, Dara Sing and A K hangal,” said Hanu Rof, the founder director of the Udaipur International Film Festival

In the Celebration Mall of Udaipur, a seminar namely ‘The 100 years of Indian Cinema’ will be conducted on Sunday September 16. The seminar will be held from 2:00 PM till 3:00 PM in the afternoon.
Cultural concerts and workshops along with the seminars will be organized for the youngsters on the important subjects like ‘Film Script Writing Workshop’ at Darpan Auditorium both days.
There also will be a beautiful poster exhibition that will remain open to the public absolutely free of cost. The exhibition will be spellbinding in itself as it will comprise of original posters of the landmark films like Mother India and Mughal-E-Azam etc.
The film lovers will find a wonderful opportunity to watch Oscar and Cannes selected films in Udaipur. These films include ‘Mombatti’ (Cannes) and ‘Road to Home’ (Oscar) in the listing.
It is significant to know that there will be the screening of 6 films made by the prominent filmmaker and social activist Iara Lee in UIFF. She came to Jaipur to participate in the 3rd and 4th JIFF this year and her film ‘Cultures of Resistance’ won the ‘Green Rose’ in the Red Carpet Award Ceremony.
This year, she attempted to expose the exploitative face of the American capitalists through various documentary works. Her works highlighted the negative influence of America in various parts of the world including Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa. The best thing about the films of Iara Lee is that they help us to explore those facts which most of the people actually don’t know.
‘Meherjaan’ by Rubiyat to recall the meaning of relations
‘Meherjaan’ is a beautiful film by Bangladeshi filmmaker depicting the actual terms of relationship. The film is also well noted by the critics for outstanding performance by renowned actress, Jaya Bachchan.
Jungle Mein Jalianwala
It is a documentary film director by Anurag Sharma based on the massacre of the tribal communities within the state of Rajasthan during the British era.

It is reprimanded as another catastrophic event like Jallianwala Bagh massacre and is worth watching to honor the sacrifice of tribal communities.

TheUdaipur view on Udaipur International Film Festival 2012

Udaipur International Film festival 2012 (UIFF) is a good initiative that will help encourage the artists from the city and region to work harder to prove their mettle. The seminar and workshop will also help many to learn about the nitty-gritty of the film making. Who knows a mediocre looking boy becomes a hero tomorrow or a simple writer become popular script writer on Bollywood.