Prashant Shrivastava

If you ask me one place that I want to see in India, I’ll say FatehSagar; If you ask anyone who visited the city for the first time that what they liked, the answer would be Fatehsagar, and if you ask the youth of the city where they love to hangout, again the unanimous choice would be Fatehsagar. Do I need to tell you more what magic this place casts?

The Famous FatehSagar in 2010

Fatehsagar is a beautiful Lake within the city area and is merely few kilometers from the Central Udaipur. It gets water from the world famous Pichhola Lake and Madaar tunnel on the other end. The specialty of this place is the ring road that covers the perimeter of the Lake in full. The part in front of Moti Magri hillock (which is also a beautiful garden besides being a historical place) is more popular. There is a long series of fast food centers that cater the fast eating needs of people instantly. People love to come with friends and hangout for hours. The Paal of the Lake starts with flood gates that make an impressive waterfall when the Lake overflows. The entire paal has a wide paved area on which people take a walk.  Recently the new Rajiv Gandhi Park has been developed on the other side of lake near Shilpgram, so a considerable crowd also flocks to that area.

So, a tea in winter, a cold drink in summer, and hot Pakoras in rain, you get everything anytime here. People who have seen this once love to come here again everytime. Says a business man, “I only visit Udaipur for a day but I never miss a cuppa and Pakora at FS. This place is awesome. It nourishes soul and senses.” Agrees Shivani Mehta, a local girl, “Whenever I feel stressed, I come here and sit alone for a while and get refreshed. What a magic this place casts!”

A friend of mine is settled in Orlando and he says that you will never find a FatehSagar anywhere in this world.

So, have you been to Fatehsagar, Share your reason why this is the world’s best place to hang out?