Cleanliness is something we all need and practice at most of the levels like we bath daily, we clean our houses, keep our desk clean and tidy and at most the road in front of our and that ends the list and also the limit of our cleanliness drive. Our definition of health policy is so confined. We are so limited but still we want a clean and world class city.

"Cleanliness - The ultimate challenge for city"
We again buy health insurance understand the health benefits and talk about those health quotes every now and then but what we do not understand is if we learn to eradicate the dirt itself, no ailments will prevail.

Despite all those advertisements about healthcare and health information spread by the government, we end up making the same mistake all again. For example, dumping an ATM slip after refueling in car out of its window is such a negligible thing for us. And so common too. Just imagine how much mess these papers leave of road even if hundred car drivers do so?

We buy wafers and eat corns and then dump that into Lakes. And if someone protests, we argue foolishly that tropical creatures would consume that. Even though the stuff might be consumed by creatures won’t it be costly enough to leave a scar in the face of city until that half eaten corn would be swimming on the surface of water. And then a foreign tourist would take a close snap of it for his blog, a local photographer would click it to get it published in paper with quote in style, and the person who dumped it a week back would cry foul on seeing that rotten corn. What exactly we want is what exactly we must give.

One thing is certain friends; you will only get back what you have given. You pay premium for healthcare insurances, you get a sum assured and health benefits, you spread mess in city, you will get that back as an ailment, the same corn that you left in Lake would be published by the foreigner in his Blog and then will be shared on Facebook and Twitter and then you will comment – Shame on you people!

Look and see what you did and how it came back. Just be sensible and ensure that you good footprints for your kids to follow. Keep your city clean.