Ecotourism, What’s that?

Ecotourism is a way of sustainable growth of tourist spots maintaining their natural and actual status quo. The very idea of Ecotourism in Udaipur becomes all the more important because Udaipur is naturally beautiful city. And needless to say Tourism is the main reason why Udaipur is famous at World map. Now with number of tourists growing further, the need of Ecotourism has been echoing for some time now. Proponents of Ecotourism believe that there should be sustainable equation between tourists and tourist places. One who visits a tourist spot must feel thankful to previous tourist who maintained the charm and decorum of the place. And the tourist must feel the onus to keep it clean and in line with its value for the next tourism. Ecotourism talks about this only. Ecotourism basically is a form of tourism in which the aim is at maintaining the beauty of the place in its natural structure. No artificial additions and no commercial intrusion are allowed in Ecotourism. People are advised to use the natural resources and ensure that they do not leave waste like polythene, wrappers, papers; cigarette remains etc. to the place. If there is water on the spot, it must be maintained as clean as it originally is.

Ecotourism getting a boost in Udaipur
Ecotourism getting a boost in Udaipur

There are number of spots that have been identified as Eco Tourist places in and around Udaipur. Kumbhalgarh sanctuary, Jaisamand sanctuary are few of the many. The under construction Biological park at the foot of Basandhara hills near Sajjan garh is a good example of Ecotourism. Besides being a satellite to the existing Gulab Bagh zoo of Udaipur, the Biological Park will provide natural habitat for the species. This Park will serve as a supplement the efforts for the conservation of floral and faunal species of Aravali ecosystem. Main objectives of the Bird Park and Biological Park will be the development of genetically and behaviorally viable population of wild animals of Aravali. This Biological Park will also display selected birds of Aravali in the other parts of state, facilitating research on techniques of breeding of endangered and vulnerable local species for restocking, imparting natural education about wildlife, and promoting of Ecotourism.

Ecotourism, a way ahead

The sense of Ecotourism comes from tourists only. The entire endeavor depends on how a tourist is made to think. If you go and leave disposables around, the foreign counterpart shall feel free to do so. And you cannot compel them since you yourself have messed up your home land.
Ecotourism also talks about the exploring the remote areas that could be marked for tourism. Since Ecotourism doesn’t need much work and much expense, a place can become popular merely by advertising about it. People who love to explore new avenues would get interested and thus new tourist spots will be formed and listed.

Besides low cost maintenance and other benefits, Ecotourism also allows a place to remain what it originally is. No restructuring, no disturbances, simply go, visit, explore, and enjoy the beauty and amazing places in their natural form and return without having harmed anything including beauty of the place. Ecotourism thus will be useful in giving the growth options to the tribal and people remotely placed near the Ecotourism destination.

Udaipur gears up for a solid step towards Ecorourism
Udaipur gears up for a solid step towards Ecorourism

Although government has been working in the direction to promote Ecotourism in wildlife areas of Udaipur mainly these days, a set of legal regulation would be needed to enforce law upon people who visit the Ecotourism destinations but treat them as a regular tourist destination.

As we are already sitting on the global warming, the need to conserve the ecosystem and flora and fauna in their natural habitat is the need of the hour. There are many places around Udaipur where resources are abundant but what we needs is timely control on illegal and mindless exploitation of these resources.

The need is a government agency or NGOs to keep a tab on illegal exploitation and encroachment that is hurting the Ecotourism. Also the due share of benefit from the Ecotourism should be reinvested in harboring the place and also in the pockets of local people who not only know best about the place but also are responsible for the real maintenance of the place.

Ecotourism thus has a huge scope in and around Udaipur. There are number of projects in progress and government is pumping money in them but ultimately we have to become more sensible in keeping the soul of tourism alive.