So winter has finally settled in the city of Lakes. Now even days need some shield from cold, let alone the chilling nights. Many even skip bathing for its too cold. Despite they have a geyser in their washroom, spraying some perfume and having a quick make-up would do. Lunch must be hot and in case if it is not, microwave shall be used. Getting home early is the routine these days and walk after dinner has been skipped for a season altogether. Really winter kills. Mere a touch of cold water can inject thousands of pins in body. A little air that leaks into room through that window that your wife left opened in the day could be the reason for a heated argument – it all goes hand in hand with winter.
It still is cozy and nice.

Donate directly, generously, this winter
An initiative to help deprived ones, this wnter

Now, picture this. A family is sleeping in a broken hut road side. There’s only a thin layer of loosely stuck curtain which is barely producing any protestion against chilling wind playing with it. An old blanket is there but the old lady of the family has been given that leaving the children vulnerable to cold. And there’s no hope for the other people of family.

In contrast, another family living in a house not too far from this shredded abode of the poor, has bought a completely new set of quilts and blankets. They did so because they believed that the old ones are less hot and will not be suitable. The old ones are still not thrown but will be soon. Those few months old blankets and quilts are stocked in the balcony.

You must have got what I mean. What you need is to pick up those used blankets and quilts and gift them to those who only need blankets, not new or with matching colors, they just need it.

Though there is no need of any camp or NGO where you can gift them for the deprived ones, just take them and give it to people who need it directly. I strongly believe in direct charity rather than going through any channel. But still if you cannot find any means, you can obviously approach any NGO that you believe is true and performs the commitments.
“While I retire to bed, I feel bad that someone somewhere is deprived of blankets that are kept as waste in another house nearby. This is why this year I have worked with few colleagues to organize a Blanket and sweater distribution camps that will be organized on specified dates. We urge people to donate only stuff in usable condition so that the deprived ones can be helped,” says Puneet Jain, founder of College Calibre.

So let that humanity in you shine bright. So your compassion for your deprived friends and prove that together we can change the world and spread that cozy smile easily.