It’s been a while now since we started being serious with this website. And now we believe that we are putting forth some quality content for you to read, understand, and analyse about your own city Udaipur. We concentrate on good stories that affect the citizens. This is not a new site but yes, you can call it a Magazine on the internet.

How are we doing, what can be done, what should be avoided and so on… You must be having one or more things to share. Below is our address, do send your comments and suggestions and complaints about anything you do not like. We will try hard to update it as per your taste.

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This website is our sincere endeavor by to bridge the gap between the world and Udaipur. While we attempt to put forth the city in most compelling way before the world, we hope that the dwellers of the city will reconnect to its root and those staying away will be able to stay in touch.