It was heartbreaking rape case reported on Sunday night in Delhi and around the same time a college boy was stabbed to death in Udaipur. The rape victim has been battling for life for days now and is in worst condition the doctors could describe. The boy who was stabbed has lost his life battle much earlier.

Families are left with pain, agony, and trauma.

Although in both the cases accused criminals have been identified and will be punished but will that be all they receive? Actually the judicial punishment is just a leaf of the book that they will face; the rest of the book will fall upon them every single day, every single minute of their life. And worst, not just the actual perpetrator but their families will bear the pain of being labeled as a family of criminals. Yes, it will be like each member of the family has raped or stabbed.

Woman attacked and assaulted
Woman attacked and assaulted

Children of all these rape criminals will never be able to live respectfully in society. Though this is not their fault that their father was out of mind on a given minute someday earlier in history but society will then ask “what was the fault of the girl who was assaulted brutally?” or the boy who was stabbed viciously, no answers at all. Rape is even vicious act than killing. The fun the perpetrator had for moment will need to be paid for lives by many lives.

Schools interview parents of the child before admitting. Very well-to-do families with sound background also find it difficult to find a seat, imagine how the children of rapists will get a seat anywhere.

People condemn government; call the police force inept, and so on. Yes, the criminals were damn sure that they will get away. Yes, they had no fear of repercussions for themselves. They have been under impression that they are brave or may be men.


Everyone has some illusions. That’s human. But did they know that the people behind them are the same as they are. Does a wife of a rapist too have the tough heart to deal with the world later on…? Are they sure that their daughter will find a good family to marry? Or their son will get a job in good company. No neighbors will be there for them anywhere. Later in their life if someone harasses the daughter of a rapist; even police will make a mock of them. There won’t be any sympathy for anyone of the family for ages. Relatives will distance themselves.

Victims are traumatized for the moment. But they will stand up back and they will be stronger than ever, if they survive. They will further have lot of hate for the society and men in particular.

So the pleasure of one moment not only ruined many lives forever but also increased the level of negative energy for years to come. Not a fault of victims. Not a fault of criminals’ family. But still they will pay price forever!

The point is, you may be stronger or powerful but your family and relatives might not be the same. And whether you become a star by earning good name overnight or become a rapist or killer in a moment, the effect of your deeds come on to your families as well. And you cannot avoid that. And unfortunately this shadow of a bad deed follows your family till a very long time. Even when a rapist’s granddaughter will send a proposal for marriage, the other family will consider the grand father’s deed seriously.

If not for victim’s sake or dignity, the rapist or the murderer must think and avoid crime against others for the social life of their own family. One vicious crime and people directly blame on the bad parenting. Some might even call the family corrupt. And culprit’s successors pay for rest of their lives. Crime indeed never pays but on contrary, family of the criminal pays for sure!

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