Delhi-based designer M.A Rahman, who made a condom kurta in 2010 to raise AIDS awareness, says he had approached the Indian government for support but there was no reply from the authorities and so he sent the shirt to the UN secretary general.
“I thought of doing something new on World Aids Day (December 1) (in 2010) and this is the reason why I made a kurta from condoms. I wanted the Indian government to help me in this initiative and approached one of the well-known leaders through e-mail and faxes but there was no reply so I sent the garment to UN secretary general,” Rahman told reporters.

Rahman created the kurta with emergency condoms in the collar and other condoms stitched to the rest of the fabric. According to him the act, which was a reminder for people to carry out safe sex, received accolades from all quarters of the world.

“I received a thanksgiving speech from the UN secretary general’s office, UN Aids India office and the director of NACCO who found the step extremely innovative and approached me to bring out such more concepts,” he said.

Rahman is now planning to organise a fashion show with the same theme on World Aids Day in Delhi this year.

“Seeing the response from the media and world, I am planning to bring out the same concept again on December 1, this year in Delhi. I am thinking of organising a fashion show where there will be a plethora of condom dresses and few simple garments,” he said.

Apart from keeping himself busy with social causes, he owns a fashion and lifestyle studio in Delhi named “Protein”, which, he says, makes garments for some of the top notch politicians.

“The clothes which they (the politicians) generally ask for are kurta-pyjamas, waistcoats and jackets,” he said.

The prices at his store depend on the fabric used. For example, a dress made with Italian linen will cost Rs.10,000 to Rs. 12,000, while a garment made with simple cotton fabric will cost Rs.3,000 to Rs.4,000.(courtsy